How Much Light Do My Plants Need?

It’s no hidden secret that plants need sunlight to survive, but some like more than others and some like very little at all so how do you know what’s right for you?

How much light does my room get?

It’s important to know how much natural light you get in your room through the day. Generally, a South facing window will benefit from the most natural light throughout the day. Whereas facing North gives you a shaded retreat whilst to the East or West pops you in the middle of the spectrum.


Always consider neighbouring trees or tall buildings as these can cast shadows on your room along with living in flats that are at basement or penthouse level.


To get a feel for the natural light in your rooms, turn off your lights and open your ‘maps’ app on your phone. Your phone will show you which direction is north in relation to your window – it’s that simple!


Where should I place my plant?

Once you know how much light you get in different parts of your room you can start choosing which plants to place throughout your space. Have a look at the guide we’ve made below and choose a plant that will suit where you want it to go.

Choosing your plant

To make it easy we have grouped our plants based on their need for natural light, so you can choose your plant according to where they will live.

Consider these products to help with the light conditions for your indoor houseplants

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