Plants Lower Dust Levels

Improve your indoor air quality by lowering the dust levels in your home or office

Not only do plants help to aesthetically improve our homes by adding a touch of charm and natural beauty, but they have a host of benefits including lowering dust levels in our homes. Even one or two indoor plants in a room can drastically lower the levels of dust in a room, but the more you add the more effective they will be at lowering dust levels.

How Do Plants Lower Dust Levels?

Firstly, plants help to raise humidity levels. When plants transpire, they emit water particles raising humidity levels which naturally lower dust levels. As there are more water particles in the air, they combine with the dust particles taking them out of the air and towards the floor as they air heavier and can no longer float around.


Secondly, plants actually produce negative ions. These act in the same way as static or magnetism works – physically pulling dust particles out of the air and onto the leaves of your plants.

Top 3 Air Purifying Plants

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants are helpful in removing formaldehyde in your home. Usually found in paper bags, plywood furniture and synthetic fabrics. Aside from this, the plant also helps clean your air of carbon monoxide amongst other toxins. A spider plant can thrive in any type of soil and only needs watering on occasion.

english ivy

English Ivy

Sometimes keeping mold at bay in your home, especially if you live in an older house, can seem like a constant battle. English Ivy is a great plant to add to your arsenal. According to research conducted by Kenneth Kim, MD of Allergy, Asthma & Respiratory Care Medical Centre in Long Beach, California, "airborne mold spores have been linked to a variety of serious illnesses, English ivy could reduce indoor mold counts". The findings from their research showed that keeping English Ivy in your home can purify up to 94% of airborne mold particles in the air.

Snake Plant

Snake Plants

Also known as, “mother in-laws' tongue”, snake plants are perfect for your bedroom and one of the more common choices for its air-purifying properties. Known to help remove toxins such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and xylene, it's likely that you're going to need more than one plant. Ideally, you will need at least 7 at waist level for optimum air-purification. Widely considered to be one of the easier plants to care for, you don’t have to water them too often, and can actually grow healthier if you let its soil dry out between watering.