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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata

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The fiddle leaf fig is a very popular indoor plant and can grow over 2m tall indoors. Their large, veinous, violin-shaped leaves are their shining glory and they thrive in warm, humid environments. Ficus Lyrata is a great choice as a large plant with broad leaves for anyone looking to impress their guests or create a stunning showpiece in their home.


How To Care For Fiddle Leaf Fig

Allow the water to dry out by about a third ins spring and summer and allow to dry out even further during winter to avoid root rot. We advise adding luke wark water to Fiddle Lead Figs, as they can be quite sensitive to extreme temperature changes.

Don’t allow the soil to dry out completely, but just keep your eyes on it and you shouldn’t have too much trouble. If you don’t have anything to water with, why not try our watering cans?

As with most houseplants a bright, indirect light is best for all-round growth, avoid too much direct sunlight and keep it leaves dust-free.

Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in a reliable, humid environment, so we advise misting frequently.  If you have nothing to mist with, we have the perfect solution! Try our water mister.

A well-draining indoor plant potting mix should be fine for a fiddle-leaf-fig. Add grit, sand or perlite for added drainage.

We recommend adding a splash of liquid fertiliser to Fiddle Leaf Figs water monthly during spring and summer. Something like our Miracle-Gro All Purpose Pump and Feed would be perfect! Reduce in winter along with watering whilst the plant is dormant during darker days.

Fiddle Leaf Figs don’t have any real problems but can be susceptible to spider mites, scale and bacterial or fungal diseases. Keep your eyes peeled for leaf damage as brown dark spots as well as any creepy crawlies. If this becomes a problem, simply treat it with some of our neem oil!

When small, repot your fiddle leaf every spring. But when more mature simply replace the top 2 inches of soil to refresh the nutrients. Have a look at our extensive range of ceramic plant pots and pick which one you find nicest!