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Gifts for Her

What Plant Gifts Do Women Love?

Indoor plants are a perfect gift for loved ones and family members. Especially plant gifts for her! Plants give us the opportunity to nurture and care for things other than ourselves. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift or a thank you for everything your special lady does, we have all the indoor plants to suit any special lady or occasion!

When choosing a plant as a gift, you should always consider the recipient’s lifestyle, space, and level of gardening expertise. Some women may prefer low-maintenance options, while others may enjoy more hands-on care. It’s also a good idea to consider the plant’s aesthetic appeal and how it fits into the recipient’s home decor. So, think about the lady you’re giving the gift to, and use some common sense!


1. Cast Iron Plant


The Cast Iron Plant is cherished by plant lovers across the globe. Perfect for the seasoned pro, or a first-time plant parent, this unkillable houseplant will definitely be for you! 

The Cast Iron is a perfect gift for a new plant mum or parent who has been a little prone to killing houseplants

2. Areca palm


If you’re a lady who loves a bit of interior design, then you should definitely consider an Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is the perfect present for a lady wanting a showstopping houseplant. Simply place it in the corner of a sunny room and it should thrive!

3. Kentia Palm


The Kentia Palm is one of the easiest houseplants to care for! If she is not known for her green-fingered qualities, then a Kentia may certainly be the way to go!

This is perfect for the living room or hallway. It needs a shady, low light spot in your home and plenty of water.

4. Anthurium


The anthurium is the perfect gift for a special lady at Christmas or Valentine’s Day. With bold red leaves, this plant will demonstrate plenty of affection you may have for your other half. 

This small indoor plant would be perfect on a desk, coffee table, or mantle piece. We would recommend this for any intermediate level plant owner. 

5. Aloe Vera (Barbadensis)


The Aloe Vera is a lovely little succulent that can bring an exotic twist into any room. If your other half works from home, or in an office, then the Aloe Vera would make the perfect gift for her. 

You can even place this plant in a bathroom, if you would prefer! Just be sure to give it plenty of light and water it rarely

6. Swiss Cheese Plant


If you’re looking for the perfect purchase for her, then you can’t go wrong with a Swiss Cheese Plant. Coming in small, medium, or large, this indoor houseplant is a natural showstopper at any size! 

If you want this gift to be extra special, then you should definitely pair it with a perfect plant pot to go alongside. We recommend the Glossy Straight Edged Pot.

7. Peace Lily


The Peace Lily is another one of our perfect plant gifts for her range.This indoor plant has a delicate white flower that is the cherry on the cake in any room or workspace.

If you’re buying this gift for her, be sure to tell her the Peace Lily loves the shade and needs plenty of water!

8. Parlour Palm


One of the perfect gifts for her is always going to be a Parlour Palm! This easy-care indoor plant is perfect for a first time plant parent. Pair it with a jazzy pot and voila, it’s ready to go! 

The parlour palm comes in many different sizes as well, so you can get her a natural showstopper, or a dainty desk warmer!

9. Devil's Ivy


If you’re looking for the definitive unkillable houseplant, then look no further! The Devil’s Ivy is the perfect plant for the lady who just can’t keep her houseplants alive. 

Consider this gift if your other half loves to read! It’s perfect for sitting on a bookcase, shelf, or mantle piece!

10. Boston Fern


The Boston Fern is, and remains, one of the most importantt houseplants in any woman’s arsenal. For a lady who loves design and home decor, the Boston Fern sits nicely on a coffee table, sideboard, or on a plant stand! 

This plant is perfect for any lady who loves being a plant mum as well! You may want to pair this plant with a plant pot and pruning shears!

How Do I Pick the Perfect Plant Gifts For Her?

We’ve shown you some amazing gifting options for her, but a larger question remains unanswered… “HOW” do I pick the perfect gift for her? Believe it or not, selecting the perfect plant gift for someone requires a thoughtful approach.

Here are some steps to help you choose the right plant gift for her:

Consider Her Preferences

Take your lady’s personal preferences into account. Does she have a favourite type of plant or flower? Does she have any specific colours or styles that she tends to gravitate towards in her home decor? It’s always a safe bet to try to choose a plant that aligns with her taste.

Assess the Space in Her Home or Workspace

Have a think about where she will place the plant. If she has limited space, opt for a smaller plant or one that can be hung or mounted on the wall. If your recipient has ample space, you can consider buying larger plants (like the Money Tree or Ficus Benjamina) or multiple plants (like one of our plant bundles) to create a lovely green focal point.

For many women, health is also a big concern. So, why not read Good Housekeeping’s article on the best plants to improve your indoor health? Take a look at some of the plants on the list, and think about which indoor plants may be a good gifting idea!

Evaluate Her Plant Caring Abilities:

Think about your recipient’s gardening experience. Is she an experienced plant caregiver or a beginner? If she’s new to plant care, then it’s wise to choose low-maintenance options like succulents (aloe vera), snake plants, or pothos.

If she happens to be an experienced gardener, you can explore a wider range of options. Anthuriums are always a great option as this indoor plant blooms during the growing season. There’s nothing better than a flowering plant as it grows!

Think About Aesthetics:

Having a think about the visible element of your plant gift is going to be vital when it comes to picking the perfect present! Plants come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. You should always consider how a plant’s appearance complements her home decor. If she has a minimalist or modern style, a sleek and simple plant (like the cast iron) might be more suitable. For a more rustic or bohemian style, you could choose a plant with a unique or colourful pot (like the Curved Stone Pot).

Choose a Special Occasion:

If you’re giving the plant for a specific occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, you can select a plant that symbolizes love, luck, or growth. For example, a peace lily is associated with peace and prosperity, making it a suitable choice for various occasions.

Consider Accessories:

To enhance the gift, you can pair the plant with complementary accessories like a decorative pot, plant hangers, or watering cans. At Oxy-Plants, we even offer plant bundles for plant lovers. This takes all the stress away from picking the perfect plant gift! This way, buying the perfect gift for her is something you can do with ease!

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