Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica

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The Rubber plant is so easy to care for and brightens any space with it’s thick, large leaves. Get a ficus elastica delivered straight to your door anywhere in the UK.

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Botanical Name
Ficus Elastica
Common Names
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Child & Pet Safe?
Toxic to humans and pets. Beware if you have children or pets in the house as this plant is classified as poisonous; if parts of the plants are eaten, vomiting, nausea and a loss of appetite could occur. Consumption of large quantities must be dealt with quickly; acquire medical assistance for further information. The sap can also cause dermatitis and skin allergy to sensitive individuals, so be sure to wear gloves when handling.
Air Purification Qualities

About Rubber Plant

Rubber plant originates from regions close the equator around the globe. Amazingly, it is believed to be the first deliberately bred species for agriculture in the Middle East 11,000 years ago!!! It’s milky white sap was used for latex, which in turn enabled industrialists to fabricate rubber roughly 200 years ago. We recommend rubber plant for those of you prone to killing your plants as it is pretty easy to care for. For best results we suggest you avoid over-watering!

  • Fertilisation – Give your plant a boost during spring and summer by adding plant fertiliser fortnighthly.

Top tips

  • Provide bright, indirect sunlight
  • Do not overwater
  • Supplement the soil with feritiliser during it’s growing season

Please note: this product DOES NOT include a pot. Browse our entire range of indoor pots, or choose between our ceramic pots or self-watering plant pots.


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How To Care For Rubber Plant

Less is more with Rubber Plants, so only water the soil once the top half dries out, feeling the pot’s weight for confirmation. Reduce this in the colder months to replicate its dormancy period and to avoid over-watering
Light & Location
Similarly to most other houseplants, ‘bright, indirect light’ is best for quality growth. Specimens placed in darker locations will lose their patterns (if variegated), along with the increased chance of root rot and stalled growth.
This plant thrives in a stable, humid environment, so mist fairly frequently for great success
Pests and Diseases
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