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hanging artificial plants

Hanging artificial plants are a must have for anyone wanting a well designed home. These faux hanging plants are perfect to place on a shelf or bookcase. Artificial hanging plants are ideal for students homeowners, and are even pet friendly!
Popular Collections

Hanging Artificial Plants

  • SAVE 23%

    Artificial Hanging Fern

    £9.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 11%

    Artificial Hanging Philodendron

    £19.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 25%

    Artificial Hanging Monstera

    £14.99 Add to basket
  • Artificial Hanging Bamboo

    £14.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 20%

    Artificial Hanging Pothos

    £11.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 17%

    Artificial Hanging Ivy

    £19.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 29%

    Artificial Hanging Peperomia

    From £9.99 Select options
  • SAVE 11%

    Artificial Hanging Scindapsus

    £19.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 25%

    Hanging Ivy Artificial

    £14.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 13%

    artificial hanging eucalyptus

    £12.99 Add to basket
  • Artificial Fern Plant

    £14.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 25%

    Artificial Peperomia Hanger

    £14.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 24%

    Artificial Eucalyptus Ball

    £18.99 Add to basket
  • Christmas-wreath-white

    Decorative Christmas Wreath (40cm)

    From £19.99 Select options
  • fake-living-wall

    Lavender Artificial Plant Wall

    From £19.99 Select options
  • Artificial Hanging Begonia

    £19.99 Add to basket
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