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Boston Fern

Nephrolepsis Exaltata


Boston ferns are beautiful, powerful air purifying plants with long, graceful fronds covered with tiny leaves. It’s a relatively tough fern that has a higher tolerance for light and dry conditions than other species.

Plant Height: 30cm Pot Size: 12cm

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Norman PimlottNorman Pimlott
10:44 19 Feb 24
AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS !Bought a plant 70-90cm £34.99. when it arrived it was just below 50cm (£14.99). So they ripped me off for £20 and refuse to speak to me when I complained !
Tony WebbTony Webb
10:30 19 Feb 24
I have just received my palm from Oxy-Plants. I arrived quickly and well packaged and I am thrilled with it. I shall be ordering again.
Jane BondJane Bond
10:30 19 Feb 24
Lovely plant and brilliant customer service. My first plant was damaged but John responded immediately and sent out a replacement next day . Thank you
Cathi GibsonCathi Gibson
14:15 14 Feb 24
I’m delighted with the beautiful satin pothos sent to me by Oxy-Plants. Will certainly buy from them again.
Manish NandhaManish Nandha
07:28 13 Jan 24
I bought a plant which was supposed to be 70-90cm tall, what I received was significantly shortly than this. I contacted the company and they appeared to have not read my email, and their response did nothing to rectify the situation. My order number is: 155991. I'll amend my review if they fix the situation, but until then my advice would be to avoid this company.
Victor PetersVictor Peters
17:36 12 Jan 24
I really like the artificial plants I purchased from Oxy-Plants. They're excellent, and my spouse hasn't even realized they're not real.
Nick KuipersNick Kuipers
16:33 12 Jan 24
Amazing Areca Palm. None of the stems were damaged in transit and all of the leaves seem to be in good order. Thanks Oxy-Plants.
Melissa HoekstraMelissa Hoekstra
15:44 12 Jan 24
Thanks Lucie for all your help! – I spoke to Lucie over Oxy-Plants Instagram as I was a little unsure which plants would be good for my office. She recommended a devil’s ivy for my bookcase and a swiss cheese plant for the corner of my room. It looks amazing, thanks so much!!!
Daan AltenaDaan Altena
15:45 11 Jan 24
I was struggling with what present to give my mum as a present this year. I opted for a poinsettia plant and she wasn’t disappointed. The plant is still doing well, even into January.
Bram JansenBram Jansen
14:29 11 Jan 24
Ordered an Areca Palm as a Christmas gift for my husband. The present came well-packaged and was in great condition. Thanks, Oxy-Plants!
Megan DaviesMegan Davies
09:10 11 Jan 24
Sadly my bird of paradise plant died within a month (it was in an ideal spot for heat, light etc.). I emailed Oxy-Plants but never got a response.
Nishaan MehtaNishaan Mehta
14:24 08 Jan 24
Scam! Paid for £50 worth of goods and did not receive a thing after a full month! No response to email, DM or phone line (which kept going straight through to voicemail). PLEASE look elsewhere for your goods and avoid the headache that I have suffered!
Sophie KeenSophie Keen
10:59 28 Feb 23
The plant arrived covered in bird poo and many leaves were torn and damaged. The plant was also 45% smaller than described online.The customer service was terrible - I had 3 rounds of arguing for my customer rights for a refund. I was originally offered a mere 10% discount. Finally after quoting their own refund policy in my email they agreed to collect and refund the plant however this took some time. Will definitely tell my circle to stay away from using oxy plants.
Mark VardyMark Vardy
11:39 29 Nov 22
Excellent service and good quality plants. Items were dispatched very quickly, packaged well, and with good communication throughout. So far the plants look great and seem to be adjusting to their new home well.Can't fault at all, would recommend and will definitely be using again.
Alessandro GrassiniAlessandro Grassini
09:55 14 Nov 22
I usually don’t write reviewsI usually don’t write reviews, but this one was owed. Before purchasing my gorgeous Bird of Paradise I contacted the Company and got in touch with Cliah who went above and beyond to accommodate my request. Needless to say I received the plant in one day and is absolutely delightful. A very well deserved 5 start to them!
B MaloneyB Maloney
15:02 10 Nov 22
My Devil's Ivy plant arrived within a couple of days, very well packaged and totally healthy. Absolutely love it and the macrame hanger I ordered at the same time. Also, I made an email enquiry to oxy-plants and had the loveliest response. Such a positive experience, I strongly recommend this company for its efficiency and value for money.
Filomena martinsFilomena martins
14:03 10 Nov 22
We bought the plants and wall hangers from this amazing company and we get so many good compliments from everyone that visits the office and the plants are doing so well too.
Owen AndersonOwen Anderson
15:48 04 Nov 22
When we wanted some advice about the right plants for our office space, Oxy-Plants were the obvious choice. There was lots of useful information on the website, and the customer service was second to none. When we had a problem, they fixed it, quickly and efficiently. We love the plants and love the prices - delivery was easy and the plants well packaged.

How To Care For Boston Fern

Keep the soil moist. Don’t overdo it and invite root rot, but don’t let the soil go completely dry. To help you on your watering journey, why not try one of our watering cans?

Boston Ferns prefer indirect sunlight, as they are usually used to surviving in forest or woodland floor space. Just be sure not to place this shrub in direct sunlight as this will cause the leaves to brown and deaden.

Place your fern in a warm, humid environment. If you don’t have a particularly humid environment, simply give them a spray with a mister every once in a while. If you don’t have anything to spray your plants with, have a look at our very own watering misters.

Boston ferns aren’t overly fussy, but a well-draining sand/soil mixture should work best. If you’re unsure as to how your soil drains, why not use our soil and combi tester tool? This will help you to work our your soils moisture and pH levels!

During spring and summer, it’s worth giving your Boston Fern a feed every couple of months. Ferns benefit from a really well-balanced fertiliser as this will enable its roots to grow strong whilst, at the same time, keeping that recognisable foliage bushy and green. We recommend using Miracle-Gro Organic All-Purpose Pump and Feed!

Keep your eyes peeled for mealy-bugs, aphids and other creepy crawlies. If you do spot some we recommend washing them away in the shower and applying a mild insecticide like neem oil.

You can re-pot your Boston Fern into a larger vessel when it has outgrown its current pot. We recommend doing this approximately once per year. Why not have a look at our range of ceramic stone pots? Similarly, if you are really concerned about keeping your Boston fern consistently watered, why not treat yourself to a self-watering pot?

Care for your Boston Fern with these

About Boston Fern

boston fern nephrolepsis exaltata sword fern uk indoor plant house deliveryFancy yourself an exotic new shrub? Boston ferns are beautiful, powerful air purifying plants with long, graceful fronds covered with tiny leaves. Discovered in 1894, in a shipping container, F.C. Becker quickly thought to propagate cuttings of the Boston fern before selling it in America. After a short amount of time, the Boston fern quickly rose to fame as one of the most popular parlour plants on the planet!

Nephrolepis Exaltata is a relatively tough fern that has a higher tolerance for light and dry conditions than other species. Boston ferns look great in many ways – including on pedestals, in hanging baskets, as part of a grouping, or as lush specimen plants on the right windowsill. Just be sure to give the Boston fern plenty of space to grow in all directions. If your leaves are consistently touching a surface like a wall or a window, they may deaden. So, just have that in mind!

One of the Boston fern’s greatest assets is that is an air-purifying plant. In a 1984 NASA study, this indoor plant was recorded to remove formaldehyde, xylene, and toulene out of the air!

Top tip for Boston Fern’s

  • If fronds go colourless, prune them away.
  • To keep your Boston fern looking green, remember to mist the leaves every day.
  • To protect your leaves even further, keep your fern away from any drafts or winds.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you could even use a well-balanced fertiliser.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Nephrolepsis Exaltata
Sword Fern
Air Purification Qualities
Removes Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene
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boston fern nephrolepsis exaltata
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