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Best Large House Plants

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What are the best large house plants?

Whether you’re looking for a tall, thin indoor plant to fit into the corner of your room or a big bushy palm to fill out a vacant space; finding the best large house plant for your space and taste can prove challenging. That’s why we’ve listed what we consider to be the best large house plants, to breathe life into your home.

Large house plants are a great way to transform the decor and atmosphere of your home, with little effort and without spending a fortune. So put the paint brush away, find the perfect tall indoor plant for your home or the perfect bushy palm and click away.


So what are the best large house plants to choose from?

Our 14 Best Large House Plants

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Bird of Paradise Plant

Strelitzia Nicolai

At the top of our list is the Bird of Paradise Plant. This stunning tropical indoor plant transforms any space with it’s broad waxy leaves. The foliage is so unique to the plants we have in Europe it will transport your mind far away overseas to a land of sun, fun and sunshine. Are there any better large house plants to kick off this list?

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Kentia Palm

Howea Forsteriana

Coming in at number 2 in our list of best large house plants is the Kentia Palm. Known for surviving in low light conditions – it’s huge plumes of foliage extend out and can cast beautiful interesting shadows in the evening if placed near a lamp. If you’re looking for large house plants that can survive in dark rooms, then the Kentia is definitely an option for you!

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Janet Craig

Dracaena Fragrans

The tall, stunning dracaena comes highly listed on our 10 best large house plants – it’s talll, slim nature means it can slink into almost any corner to break the harsh square lines of a room and it can easily survive in low light conditions. These large house plants are perfect in an office or workspace!

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Areca Palm

Dypsis Lutescens

One of our most popular large house plants is the Areca Palm. Known as a powerful air purifying plant, the large Areca Palm can be even more effective at cleaning your indoor air, as well as adding vast amounts of stunning greenery to your home with just the click of a button.

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Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica

With its thick large leaves, the Rubber Plant is perfect for those needing an easy-care showstopper! Native to a number of regions around the equator, this rugged indoor plant is perfect for those who are not so green fingered.

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Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata

This tall and slender palm is sure to bring charm and act as a great showstopper in your home. Available in 4 sizes, the largest at 150cm! Bring the beach to your home with this exotic palm.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata

The large broad leaves of the fiddle leaf fig, are violin shaped with thick deep veins running throughout the foliage. A very popular choice as a large house plant and it’s easy to see why. It easily transforms any home it resides in with its huge characteristic leaves.

Our largest Fiddle Leaf Fig measures at 150cm tall with a whopping 34cm pot! This is a real statement of a large indoor house plant.

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Weeping Fig

Ficus Benjamina

Another ficus plant which has made it into our best large house plants is the Weeping Fig. The beautiful oval leaves are delicate and come in a variety of colours; the Golden King has bright green variegated leaves and the Danielle has deep, dark leaves which exude opulence.

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Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica

The large braided Money Tree is a beauty to behold. As well as bringing good luck and fortune to your home it brings tonnes of charm. This fast-growing large house plant is a great choice if you’re looking for something a little rare more rare and out of the ordinary.

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African Fig Tree

Ficus Cyathistipula

Ficus Cyathistipula, the African Fig Tree, is a species of fig tree from the tropical forests of Africa. Able to grow up to heights of 5 metres, this shrub-like fig tree is a great choice for someone looking for a plant with huge growth potential.

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Yucca Elephantipes

A tall, strong and rugged plant which adds a tropical charm. The slender nature of the larger Yukka plant means it will work really well in a warm, sunny corner. We sell this large house plant at 120cm+ so you can add an instant wow factor to your home.

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Banyan Fig

Ficus Roy Benghalensis

The Indian Banyan Fig also known as a Ficus Roy can grow upto heights of 15m+ so if you’re looking to grow the largest house plant you can – the Banyan Fig would be a great choice. The large, soft, furry leaves of the banyan are beautiful and we love this unique fig plant. This is one of our favourite large house plants. 

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Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa (aka Swiss Cheese Plant) is a tropical climbing plant named appropriately for the holes in its leaves. This huge, luscious, climbing vine is one of the most popular houseplants of all time, with its large, broad fleshy leaves, which ooze tropical opulence.

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Umbrella Plant

Schefflera Aboricola

The large umbrella plant is a great choice for the home. Its distinctive, oval leaves extend out in a fan-shaped manner. This houseplant has a delicate, chaming nature and due to being tall and slender it fits well in many spaces.

Why invest in large house plants?

Making home improvements can often be expensive & time consuming. Many of us don’t have the time, experience or money to completely redecorate our homes. But, investing in a house plant can be a cheap way to quickly transform your space without spending a fortune! Not only that, but you can buy large house plants online and get them delivered straight to your door.

Big leaf plants provide interesting natural structures to your home and bring us closer to nature. The large green leaves of a houseplant bring colour and provide superb colour contrast against painted walls. But the benefits aren’t just aesthetic!

Large indoor house plants bring us closer to nature which provides us with many health benefits. It has been scientifically proven to lower stress and improve indoor air quality; making your house a healthier place to live! In the list above, Areca Palms, Parlour Palms, and Birds of Paradise are all air purifying house plants. This means harmful toxins such as Xylene, Formaldehyde, and Toluene are absorbed by your plant and removed from your home. With one of these indoor plants, you may literally be breathing easier!

Struggling to work out where a large indoor houseplant would look good in your home? Why not have a look on our Instagram or Pinterest for some inspiration?

What large house plant would look good in my home?

When it comes to large indoor plants, the main point for consideration is going to be your desired size of foliage. Whilst the Kentia Palm and Corn Plant are tall and relatively slim, Weeping Figs and Areca Palms tend to bush out a little as well!

Have a think about where your house plant is going to go. If you’re looking for a large plant to fill a corner, then a big, bushy plant may be a great choice to fill the space in your home. Equally, if your large plant is going to be place next to a television or fire place. Having a tall, thin house plant will make sure that you’re getting that plant action in your home whilst not blocking any views or becoming a hazard!

Another thing to consider when thinking about what plant is going to look good in your home is the pot you’re using! At Oxy-Plants, we have a wide range of plant pots that can bring some colour into your room. Whether you want a nice neutral ceramic pot, or something a little more colourful, we’ve got you covered.

What large house plant is easy to care for?

If you’re ever at your wit’s end trying to care for a plant, all plant-care information can be found on our website.

When it comes to plant care, there are three main things you have to watch out for: 

With watering, the two easiest large plant families to care for are the Palms and Corn plants. These plants come from hot climates and like to be watered once the soil in your plant pot has fully dried out. One of the benefits of larger indoor plants, as opposed to smaller house plants, is that they do not need to be watered as often. Larger plants are able to store more water in their stems. If you’re a little prone to forgetting your watering schedule, or a beginner to the world of plant care, a larger plant is a little more forgiving than a smaller plant.

Getting the correct amount of light for your large indoor plant is actually a really simple process! Simply have a look at your plant on our website and follow the light and location guidelines on our website!

  • Direct Sunlight – The Yucca is a large indoor house plant that loves to catch those rays! Be sure to place this in a sunny spot when it can catch as much sun as possible. Beside a bay-window is ideal!
  • Indirect Sunlight – most large indoor house plants love indirect sunlight. Put simply, this means you should be placing your plant in a room that catches plenty of light over the day, but (ideally) keeping it away from the direct sun of the windows. The corner of a living room or kitchen would be fantastic for an Areca Palm or Fiddle Leaf Fig.
  • Shade Loving – Whilst many plants like a little bit of light, some can still thrive in darker conditions like hallways and bathrooms. Shade loving plants like the Parlour Palm came to popularity in the Victorian Period specifically because it was able to thrive in the dark and dingy conditions of Victorian houses!

Finally, all leaves on large indoor plants love an occasional mist. This helps to shake off the dust that may collect over time. This helps your plant maximise its light absorption over the course of each day. It also acts like moisturiser to the leaves stomata which can dry over time if they don’t get any water. Grab yourself one of our water misters.

Perhaps, a more important thing to consider when thinking about the leaves on large indoor plants is shedding! There’s nothing you would rather do less than whip out the vacuum for shedding leaves. The only big indoor plant notorious for this is the Weeping Fig. So, if you’re a little bothered by this, maybe consider one of our other indoor plants

If you’re looking for more information on indoor plant care, we find RHS and Good Housekeeping are always useful!

Still haven’t found the perfect plant for you? Or, are you eager to find more plants to add to your collection? Browse our entire large indoor plant range to find a plant that you can rely on.

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