How do I pot my plant?

So you’ve got your plant, you know where it wants to live and you’ve got your soil…now what?

Do I need to re-pot my plant when I receive it?

Its very unlikely you will need to re-pot your plant and soon as you receive it. You can simply take the plant and nursery pot you receive and place it in a nicely fitting plant pot.

When should I re-pot my plant?

Once the roots struggle for space or their soil is depleted of nutrients physical signs will show it is time to re-pot. You will notice a change in quality and colour of your plants leaves or the roots will be seen poking through the top soil or the drainage holes of your pot.

How do I re-pot my plant?

Before we begin you need to choose your potting medium depending on your plant’s nutritional requirements. To save the stress we’ve got you a quick guide to soil types and you’ll find our recommendations included with each of our plants. Once you have your potting type and pot size chosen it’s important to pick a workspace you don’t mind getting messy, afterall we are working with soil!

If you are not potting your plant in a larger pot it is wise to prune the smaller ‘thread roots’ before re-potting. Pruning means your plants roots will be able to grow and expand within the same space once more.

Form a layer of soil on the bottom of your pot before placing the ‘broken up’ root ball. Make sure to keep your plant vertical when potting to ensure it continues growing in a straight upward direction. Then begin packing in more soil around the roots and working your way up to the desired height level of your pot.

Be sure to give your plant a thorough watering to help the roots and soil bind together. Pack the top soil down a little tighter to secure the plant and hey presto, you just rehoused your houseplant so pop the kettle on or pour yourself a glass of wine!