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Houseplant Care 101

Here we’ve listed some of the best general houseplant care tips to get you on your way to plant parent success.

How do I care for my plants long-term?

Caring for houseplants is simpler than most people think it is. The key things to remember are water every one to two weeks dependent on your plants needs and keep your leaves free from dust. Cleaning your plants leaves helps them maximise the amount of light they receive and turn it into plant food.

Should I use plant fertiliser?

You can choose to use plant fertiliser during the growing seasons, spring and summer. Choosing the right fertiliser for your plant will help ensure it stays in peak condition and add a boost to it’s growing prowess. However, a simple indoor fertiliser will cover most houseplants


We will be adding onto our website which fertilisers are best for each plant to give you a better guide.

The leaves on my plant are falling off

Plants often lose leaves and sprout new ones, as it’s just the circle of life. If the odd leaf is turning yellow and falling from your plant, don’t be worried about it. However, if your plant is losing alot of leaves, or they’re all turning brown, it’s probably worth doing some investigating. The plant could be dehydrated and need a really good soak, it could be placed too closely to a radiator or feeling a draft. Have a look at what factors surrounding your plant could be causing this. Did you recently move your plant? Plants aren’t supposed to move around too often and if the change in environment is quite severe, it can cause the plant to go into shock.

There are all factors that could be affecting the health of your plant. You are going to be the best judge of why your plant is now losing it’s leaves. 

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