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Top 10 Unkillable Houseplants

unkillable houseplants

One of the biggest worries many people have before they buy an indoor plant is, am I going to kill it!? Past experiences growing indoor plants at home or just fear from lack of experience and knowledge can put people off beginning or expanding their houseplant collection. But fear not, we understand your worries and have collated a list of unkillable houseplants that are reliable whilst still packing a punch when it comes to looks. 

These hardy indoor plants are perfect for plant care novices or those with little time but still want to reap the health benefits of houseplants. Absolutely anyone can keep them alive no matter what your experience level is. Whether you’re a little forgetful with the watering can or you live in a low lighted area, these plants will be perfect for you. 

What are the best unkillable houseplants?

Put simply, unkillable houseplants is an indoor plant that will survive anywhere!

Determining the best unkillable houseplants depends entirely on your lifestyle and the conditions of your living space. Generally speaking, choosing a plant with a certain set of characteristics is a good starting point. Make sure your chosen plant: 

  • Thrives in low or indirect sunlight
  • Survives in household humidity 
  • Grows well in general potting soil 
  • Can live without daily watering 
  • Isn’t too needy and will endure periods of neglect

Sticking to plants with these characteristics will ensure you have a plant-filled home in no time. With that in mind, have a read through our list of unkillable houseplants below and get ready to turn your black thumb green.

Our Top 10 Unkillable House Plants

Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra Elatior

Cast iron by name, cast iron by nature – this plant is number one on our unkillable houseplants range for a reason. Aspidistra add lush, green foliage to any space and can withstand almost any environment you throw at it. Water once per month a keep their leaves free of dust for an easy care approach to growing houseplants.

Snake Plant

Sansevieria Trifasciata

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is a hardy, leathery plant which requires little attention. That’s why it’s a staple on our unkillable list! If you’re always forgetful of watering your plants, this is a great choice for you. Available from only £7.50!

Kentia Palm

Howea Forsteriana

A beautiful palm discovered on a small island off the coast of Australia. This shade loving palm adds exuberance, style and class in every home it resides. Kentia Palms require little care and attention making it one of the best unkillable indoor plants. Just be sure to avoid direct sunlight!

Corn Plant 'Janet Craig'

Dracaena Fragrans

A stubborn, resilient plant which can go for extended periods without watering. Able to cope with varying temperatures and relatively low light conditions, this plant makes it on our list at number 6 as a great choice in the search for an unkillable houseplant. It’s perfect as a living room plant!

Devil's Ivy / Golden Pothos

Epipremnum Aureum

Earning its name due it’s ferocious growing capabilities and bounce-back-ability. Devil’s Ivy can be a great option for those who don’t have the greatest memory for consistently watering a plant as it will withstand a few weeks without a top up. It can also be propagated easily using cuttings from each node. This is possible the queen of all unkillable indoor plants!

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamifoliia

One of the hardiest indoor plants in our entire collection is definitely the ZZ Plant. Originating in Easter Africa, the ZZ Plant has adapted to survive long periods of drought and still dazzle with it’s deep luscious green leaves. This easy care plant is a great choice for any novice indoor gardener.

Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata

The Dragon Tree is a fantastic hardy plant which can prove to be almost unkillable. It can survive in a shady or bright spot (but they love bright indirect light!) and makes a wonderful exotic addition to most rooms. Don’t go too heavy on the watering for this exotic plant to avoid root-rot.

Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica

The rubber plant can grow upto heights over 100 feet in their natural environment but they also do exceptionally well indoors in a pot making them an excellent easy care houseplant. Make sure you allow the soil to dry between watering with this species. That way, these unkillable plants will remain happy and healthy all year round!

Peace Lily


Making an elegant addition to most rooms, with it’s hooded white flowers, peace lilies are great for the grower who’s heavy handed when it comes to watering. They make a great gift for that special someone who’s always prone to over-watering their house plants. Available from only £7.50!

Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica

Money trees have rapid growth and can bounce back. They love direct sun!We have had money trees returned out of their pots with all the leaves completely damaged and within a month it had full foliage again! Talk about unkillable!! 

How to Keep Your Unkillable Plants in Tip-Top Shape

If you’re looking to get the best out of your houseplants, then it’s always helpful to consult a plant care guides. You can find them one each of our product pages, or on our specialised blog posts. 

Out most popular unkillable houseplant care guides are:

If you’re looking for something useful to read, we also recommend the RHS’s article “How to Grow Houseplants“. This will tell you how to keep your plants alive and well all year round! 

Light Level
If you have all of these bases covered with your indoor plants, then you’re well on your way having an unkillable plant! 

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