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Plant Pots

Browse our selection of stylish plant pots for inside your home or office. We have ceramic, concrete or plastic plant pots available, or, if you’re not so green-fingered you can rest easy with a self-watering plant pots. We like clean, simple, minimal plant pots that work well in most spaces. We also have a variety of woven baskets available to house your plants.

  • SAVE 25%
    Stone Ceramic Pot Black 24 Indoor Planter Designer

    Curved Stone Pot

    From £5.99 Select options
  • SAVE 20%

    Glossy Ceramic Pot Curved

    From £4.00 Select options
  • SAVE 20%
    12cm green matte ceramic plant pot

    Matte Ceramic Pot Curved

    From £3.99 Select options
  • SAVE 20%

    Straight Edged Stone Pot

    From £3.99 Select options
  • SAVE 17%
    FASHION CERAMIC POT 21cm indoor plant

    Glossy Straight Edged Pot

    From £4.99 Select options
  • Elho Straight Edged Pot

    From £4.99 Select options
  • lechuza classico color slate self-watering pot

    Lechuza CLASSICO Color

    From £50.00 Select options
  • SAVE 25%

    Tapered Ceramic Pot Matte

    From £7.50 Select options
  • Elho Vibes Pot

    From £6.99 Select options
  • 15673 Lechuza BALCONERA Color 50 slate

    Lechuza Balconera Colour

    From £35.99 Select options
  • Zinc Plant Pot

    From £3.50 Select options
  • Hanging Clay Pot

    From £20.00 Select options
  • SAVE 17%

    Woven Basket

    From £24.99 Select options
  • SAVE 25%
    tapered clay black pot plant planter
    tapered clay black pot plant planter

    Tapered Clay Pot

    From £15.00 Select options
  • Lechuza CANTO Stone

    From £55.99 Select options
  • SAVE 20%
    clay pot black 21cm plant planter
    clay pot black 12cm plant planter

    Clay Pot

    From £12.00 Select options
  • Lechuza CILINDRO Colour

    From £49.99 Select options
  • Glazed Stone Pot

    From £7.99 Select options
  • Elho Green Basics Grow Tray

    £22.99 Add to basket
  • Vivo Next Square Plant Pot

    From £43.99 Select options
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