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Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema 'Silver Bay'


The luscious green leaves of the Chinese Evergreen mean your home will stay fresh and exciting all year round. The foliage is embezzled with eye-catching variegation of silver tones. This medium sized indoor house plant will look fabulous on your desk, coffee table, or sideboard!

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About Chinese Evergreen

Botanical Name
Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’
Common Names
Chinese Evergreen
Plant Height
Nursery Pot Size
Air Purification Qualities
Removes Benzene and Formaldehyde
Child & Pet Safe?
This plant is classified as poisonous due to varying concentrations of calcium oxalate crystals found around the plant’s body. If parts of the plants are eaten, vomiting, nausea and a loss of appetite could occur. Consumption of large quantities must be dealt with quickly; acquire medical assistance for further information.

The luscious green leaves of the Chinese Evergreen mean your home will stay fresh and exciting all year round. The foliage is embezzled with eye-catching variegation of silver tones. Being on the smaller side, this indoor plant would look perfect on your work desk, coffee table, or sideboard!

Chinese evergreen is a popular, versatile and hardy indoor house plant. They are easy to grow and add a pop of colour to any room. They do well in the shade and can survive without water longer than most other plants – so it makes a great gift for someone who maybe doesn’t have such a green thumb. For our full range of unkillable houseplants, click here!

Please note: This plant does not come with a pot or planter. For our full range of ceramic pots, have a look at our stone plant pot range!  Equally, if you really want to take the hassle of watering out of your day, why not consider one of our Lechuza self-watering plant pots?

Top Tips for the Chinese Evergreen:


Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

How To Care For Chinese Evergreen


Please allow one-third of the soil to dry out between waters and even further during autumn and winter. Under-watering symptoms include dry leaf-edges, yellowed foliage and slowed growth, which is commonly caused by too much heat or light and forgetfulness. Over-watering symptoms include yellowing lower leaves, stunted growth, compost mould and stem collapse. If you don’t have anything to water with, why not try our watering cans?

Light & Location

Chinese Evergreens are one tough cookie. They can tolerate all ranges of indirect light, meaning you can place your beloved plant almost anywhere – just not anywhere excessively dark (if you can’t read there, it’s too dark for a plant).


Chinese evergreen can cope with normal room humidity, but a gentle misting every now and again can’t harm. Also, remember to dust the leaves to maximise the plants ability to photosynthesise. If you have nothing to mist with, we have the perfect solution! Try our water mister.


A peat-based potting soil with extra perlite is recommended, but you can also consider blending in a bark-based orchid mix. The soil itself should be reasonably nitrogen-rich but should be loose and not densely packed. Lightly acidic soil in a range of 5.6-6.5 pH is recommended for aglaonema growers.


Supplement every two to four weeks using a houseplant fertiliser, depending on the season. At Oxy-Plants, we have a range of fertilisers available, but thoroughly recommend using Miracle-Gro All Purpose Pump and Feed.

Pests and Diseases

Although rare, the Chinese Evergreen may become susceptible to aphids, scales, and mealybugs. If this becomes a problem, simply treat it with some of our  neem oil!


Root rot can be a common problem. Please do not allow your plant to sit in water. In spring, repot biannually with houseplant compost. Water the plant 24hrs beforehand to reduce the risk of damaging the root hairs (Transplant Shock). Have a look at our extensive range of stone plant pots and pick which one you find nicest!

Consider these products to help with the care of your Chinese Evergreen
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chinese evergreen
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