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  • artificial-christmas-tree

    Artificial Christmas Tree (45cm)

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    Bathroom Plant Bundle

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  • Christmas Cards (10 Pack)

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  • clip-on-robin

    Clip on Robin

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  • Christmas-wreath-white

    Decorative Christmas Wreath (40cm)

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    Elho Brussels Plant Pot

    Elho Brussels Plant Pot

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    Kitchen Plant Bundle

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    Office Plant Bundle

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  • plastic-nursery- pot

    Plastic Nursery Pot

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  • poinsettia

    Poinsettia Plant (Red)

    Euphorbia Pulcherrima

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    planting gift

    Showstopper Plant Bundle

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  • metal-plant-pot-stand

    Metal Plant Pot Stand – Adjustable

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    kentia palm howea forsteriana large indoor houseplant
    kentia palm real indoor plants

    Kentia Palm

    Howea Forsteriana

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    Large Plant Bundle

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    cast iron plant aspidistra bar room
    large cast iron plant aspidistra

    Cast Iron Plant

    Aspidistra Elatior

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    swiss cheese vine plant monstera deliciosa large on moss pole
    swiss cheese plant monstera deliciosa

    Swiss Cheese Plant

    Monstera Deliciosa

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    bird of paradise strelitzia best house plant uk large
    bird of paradise plant strelitzia nicolai large houseplant

    Bird of Paradise Plant

    Strelitizia Nicolai

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  • areca palm dypsis lutescens tall house plant indoor

    Areca Palm

    Dypsis Lutescens

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    Rubber Plant

    Ficus Elastica

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    Money Tree

    Pachira Aquatica

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    fiddle leaf fig ficus lyrata
    fiddle leaf fig big leaf plant

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Ficus Lyrata

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    Dragon Tree

    Dracaena Marginata

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    umbrella plant schefflera aboricola
    umbrella plant schefflera aboricola

    Umbrella Plant

    Schefflera Arboricola

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    zz plant Zamioculcas Zamiifolia zanzibar gem fern arum
    zamioculcas green leaves

    ZZ Plant

    Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

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  • snake plant sansevieria laurentii mother-in-laws tongue
    70cm Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata Mother-in-laws Tongue

    Snake Plant

    Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii

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    yucca elephantipes house plant indoor uk
    yucca elephantipes large

    Yucca Plant

    Yucca Elephantipes

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  • banana bamboo

    Large Indoor Bamboo Plant

    Ficus Maclellandii Ali

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    easy care plants

    Easy Care Plant Set

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    snake plant

    Air Purifying Plant Bundle

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    Peace Lily & Pot


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    prayer plant pot & stand bundle

    Prayer Plant Pot and Stand

    Maranta Leuconia

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    Shade Friendly Plant Set

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    Anthurium Pot & Stand

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    Artificial Yucca Plant

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  • Artificial Indoor Plant – Monstera

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  • Artificial Indoor Plant – Bird of Paradise

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