Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera Deliciosa (aka Swiss Cheese Plant) is a tropical climbing plant named appropriately for the holes in its leaves. This luscious climbing vine is one of the most popular houseplants of all time, with its broad fleshy leaves, which ooze tropical opulence.


How To Care For Swiss Cheese Plant

Avoid root rot at all costs. Only water your Swiss Cheese plant lightly and allow it to dry between hydrating again. You can buy a soil & light tester here, to monitor the moisture levels in your soil more closely.

Keep in a semi-shaded spot for optimum growth. You don’t want your swiss cheese plant to melt in direct sunlight 😆 It thrives in indirect sunlight, but can sustain itself even in a North facing room, just don’t expect a lot of growth in these conditions.

Your swiss cheese plant will love a spray with a water mister every now and again – especially during winter when humidity levels are drier with the radiators on in the house.

Swiss cheese plants grow best in a loose draining potting soil to trap in moisture without it becoming waterlogged. You can use Miracle-Gro’s Houseplant Potting Mix here.

Fertilise your Swiss Cheese Plant monthly to keep it in good condition – it’s best to use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that has been diluted by half. Check out our houseplant fertilisers to find the best solution for you.

Keep an eye out for signs of common diseases on your plant e.g. root rot, rust and powdery mildew. Like many houseplants, you may have to use an insecticide or neem oil to deter common pests and wipe the leaves clean regularly to keep bugs at bay.

To ensure your Monstera grows well, it will usually need repotting every other year and the soil should be refreshed annually. Always re-pot in the next size up to give the plant more room to grow into and thrive again.

About Swiss Cheese Plant

Botanical Name
Monstera Deliciosa
Swiss Cheese Vine, Five Holes Plant
Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?
No. Toxic if consumed.

The Swiss Cheese Plant is a tropical climber named for the holes in its leaves. In Latin, this beautiful plant is known as Monstera Deliciosa, ‘The Delicious Monster’.

The Monstera’s large leaves add bags of character and tropical charm to your home. Often grown with a moss pole to help support it as it grows much larger. It is important to find the right place for the Swiss Cheese Plant to reside. As an autumn plant, it doesn’t want too to be placed in a spot with too much sun (you don’t want to melt your Swiss Cheese 😆).

This plant will thrive in almost any environment, but if you want to give it a special treat then gently mist it once a week to stop the leaf edges from drying out. This is best to do in the morning so the water has plenty of time to evaporate before evening.

The Swiss Cheese Plant is considered toxic if ingested due to the insoluble calcium oxalate crystals found in all parts of the plant.


Available in 3 sizes:

  • Plant Height: 50cm | Pot Size: 17cm
  • Plant Height: 120cm | Pot Size: 27cm

Top care tips for the Swiss Cheese Plant:

  • Do not overwater this plant as it can be easily susceptible to root rot.
  • Treat to the occasional misting
  • Keep away from hot radiators or cold drafts

Read our full care guide below to help with growing your Swiss Cheese Plant, or for further reading check out the RHS guide here.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

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