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Add a WOW factor to any indoor space with a living wall. We install and maintain living walls in Greater manchester.

How much does this cost?
The benefits of indoor plants

So, how do indoor plants actually help your business and your employees?

clean air

Clean your air

Remove harmful toxins from your air

UTS laboratory research shows indoor plants:
  • Have strong capacity to remove VOCs; and If concentrations rise, so do rates of removal
  • All species are about equally effective – main removal agents are normal root-zone bacteria; plant nourishes & regulates its microorganisms (symbiosis)
  • Hydroculture plants work also (just a bit slower to get started)
  • VOC’s are removed day and night (24/7)
  • Absorbed VOC’s don’t accumulate — broken down to CO2 and water

Boost Productivity

Improve concentration & productivity up to 10%

Indoor plant presence increases productivity, performance, job satisfaction, by >10%, measured by:
  • Faster times to complete computer tasks
  • Creative task performance
  • Sorting and editing tasks
  • Attention capacity
  • Job satisfaction (on all 10 criteria tested)
  • Promotes good office relationships
A European study by engineers/physicists found a 1% reduction in dissatisfaction with IAQ resulted in a 10% increase in productivity!(18) – that means indoor plants repay more than the cost of their keep!

Reduce Stress

Reduce the symptoms of stress up to 50%

International research shows indoor plant presence reduces feelings of stress and negativity:

  • Lowered tension levels, using EEG, EMG & blood pressure readings
  • Survey questionnaires probing stress and/or negativity

UTS office study (55 staff; single offices) recorded average scores of reductions in stress and negative mood feelings of over 40% with plants in the office

Improve sick leave

Reduce short term absenteeism up to 60%

Medical research shows workplace stress reduces productivity and performance, & leads to illness; stress-related illness is a widespread urban health concern; and staff illness & sick-leave absences are used as direct indicators and measures of lost productivity(19-21).International research shows Indoor plant presence reduces illness and absences(22-24):
  • Sick-leave — from 20 to >60%
  • Coughing & wheezing — 35%>
  • Dry eyes, nose, throat — 20%>
  • Perceptions of pain — 25%
Re-imagine your space

Greening is a modern way to breathe life into your space and brings a wealth of health benefits

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There has never been a more important time for everyone to take more care of themselves and others in the workplace, which is why we take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all; including visiting out of usual office hours where possible. We can work together to arrange a safe visit.

Living Wall Room Dividers

Break up your indoor space with a living wall room divider. It acts as an acoustic barrier and divides your room in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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