Living Walls

 We design, install and service living walls in the UK. Transform your indoor space with a plant wall to breathe life into your business.

Why install a Living Wall?

If you’re looking to improve working conditions your students or workforce, and boost their productivity, then a living wall can certainly help to achieve this. 

Scientific Research has shown plants to have a beneficial effect on our emotional and physical health. So, a little bit of Biophillic Design goes a long way.  

So, how do living walls actually help your business and your employees? 

Make a statement

Living walls Grab people’s attention as soon as they walk through the door. There’s nothing better than a nice, natural green to look at during a school lesson, or dull work day.

Clean your air

Plants remove carbon dioxide & harmful toxins to clean your air. By using living walls, you may be actively improving the health of your school students or work force.

Lower noise levels

Plant walls help lower noise levels indoors by stopping sounds bouncing off flat walls. If you want to boost productivity, then a living wall may well be the way to go!

Create a welcoming environment

As we are so removed from nature, a wall of greenery is proven to add charm, beauty and a sense of calm wherever it is installed. Plants have even been shown to improve your mental health as well!

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Re-imagine your space

Greening is a modern way to breathe life into your space and brings a wealth of health benefits. Indoor living walls are a perfect way of integrating some biophilic design into a school or office. 

With its own self-watering system and easy installation, the LivePicture is the best way to add a living wall to your home. Available in a range of sizes and colours, create a unique green wall in your home.

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Living Wall Room Dividers

Break up your indoor space with a living wall room divider. It acts as an acoustic barrier and divides your room in an aesthetically pleasing manner. You’ll be improving people’s mood and productivity by using them in your workspace.