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If you’re wanting to make your own soil for your indoor houseplants, then perlite is essential! Perlite is great for a range of purposes, from repotting larger plants, housing and propagating tiny plant cuttings. This non-toxic, high-quality perlite brings the following benefits to your soil:

  • soil aeration
  • water retention
  • water drainage
  • soil structure

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About Perlite

Are you wishing to maximise growth in your indoor houseplants? One of the best ways this can be done is to use Perlite in your soil. Perlite is a volcanic glass that helps your plants to breath by maximising air flow through the soil. Covered in tiny holes and air compartments, this compound is helpful with: aerating soil, water retention, drainage, and preventing soil compaction.

Perlite is suitable for use with most houseplant we sell, and is a beneficial  addition for any shrub, hanger, palm, or cactus. However, spider plants and peace lilies love a moister soil. So air on the side of caution with adding perlite to those two soils!

Even though perlite is a man-made product (heated artificially to 1600 degrees C), it’s completely non-toxic and safe to put in any indoor, or outdoor soil.

Are you a plant propagator? Perlite is also a great choice if you’re wanting to propagate, or repot your plant. If you want your cuttings to develop strong roots, place them in a perlite mixture for 2-3 weeks straight out of water.

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