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Kentia Palm

Howea Forsteriana

From £29.99

The Kentia Palm, Howea Forsteriana, is one of the most popular houseplants of all time, easy to care for and acts as a beautiful feature in any home. Kentia Palms will be happy in almost any light conditions and made our list of top 10 unkillable houseplants.

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Mark VardyMark Vardy
11:39 29 Nov 22
Excellent service and good quality plants. Items were dispatched very quickly, packaged well, and with good communication throughout. So far the plants look great and seem to be adjusting to their new home well.Can't fault at all, would recommend and will definitely be using again.
Alessandro GrassiniAlessandro Grassini
09:55 14 Nov 22
I usually don’t write reviewsI usually don’t write reviews, but this one was owed. Before purchasing my gorgeous Bird of Paradise I contacted the Company and got in touch with Cliah who went above and beyond to accommodate my request. Needless to say I received the plant in one day and is absolutely delightful. A very well deserved 5 start to them!
B MaloneyB Maloney
15:02 10 Nov 22
My Devil's Ivy plant arrived within a couple of days, very well packaged and totally healthy. Absolutely love it and the macrame hanger I ordered at the same time. Also, I made an email enquiry to oxy-plants and had the loveliest response. Such a positive experience, I strongly recommend this company for its efficiency and value for money.
Filomena martinsFilomena martins
14:03 10 Nov 22
We bought the plants and wall hangers from this amazing company and we get so many good compliments from everyone that visits the office and the plants are doing so well too.
Owen AndersonOwen Anderson
15:48 04 Nov 22
When we wanted some advice about the right plants for our office space, Oxy-Plants were the obvious choice. There was lots of useful information on the website, and the customer service was second to none. When we had a problem, they fixed it, quickly and efficiently. We love the plants and love the prices - delivery was easy and the plants well packaged.

How To Care For Kentia Palm

Allow the top third of the soil to dry out in between waters. It’s recommended not to use the bottom-up method of submersion with the Kentia, due to the risk of root rot. If you’re worried about over-watering you can use one of our soil moisture meters. If you do, make sure you water when levels are just below moist. Grab yourself a watering can to keep your Kentia Palm happy and healthy.

Kentia Palms can survive in almost all light conditions but bright, indirect light with little to no direct sunlight is best. Despite the idea of Kentia Palms thriving in dark locations, avoid placing it in a spot completely devoid of natural light. We all need a little bit of sunshine in our lives. Use one of our soil & light testers to understand how bright your space is.

Provide a humid environment, away from radiators. Treat your Kentia Palm to a light shower with a water mister a few times a week and it will definitely thank you for it. Also, consider dusting your leaves every other month to maximise light absorption and keep it in optimum health.

A well-draining potting compost should be fine for your Kentia Palm. The Miracle-Gro Peat-Free Houseplant Potting mix would be ideal, with added perlite for drainage. Consider adding topping stone for decoration and to help avoid rapid moisture loss.

Consider adding a houseplant fertiliser to the soil every two to four weeks, during spring and summer to maximise growth and plant health. Do not fertilise in winter.

Keep an eye out for Spider Mites that’ll locate themselves in webs along the ridges of the under-leaves. Treat with neem oil or a houseplant bug killer to keep them at bay and away from your Kentia Palm.

Re-pot your Kentia Palm every three years using a well-draining potting mix to avoid it becoming too root-bound. Be sure to respect the roots during repotting, as transplant shock is a big issue that could cause death in some cases.

Care for your Kentia Palm with these

About Kentia Palm

One of the most popular houseplants of all time is the Kentia Palm. Originating on a small island just off Australia’s East Coast, it was brought back to the UK and popularised by Queen Victoria in the 1880’s. This palm is super easy to care for and acts as a stunning showstopper in any room it resides. Much more shade-liking than other indoor plants and requiring little attention, the Kentia Palm is great for beginners who want a large, easy to care for houseplant.

So, if you want some of the royal opulence and exotic indulgence that was loved by one of the most powerful women in world history – look no further. The Kentia Palm makes any space look like a tropical paradise and has bags of character.

How to easily decorate with a Kentia Palm

This houseplant is super easy to decorate with, due to its easy-care nature and being tolerant of the shade. Choose the right sized Kentia for your space depending on the size of your room. Bear in mind, that the large elegant fronds extend out beyond the base of the pot, so you may need more room than just where your pot will fit. Consider the headroom for this palm.

Some nice ideas to decorate with your Kentia could be in your hallway as you enter your home, in your living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Top Care Tips for your Kentia Palm

  • Mist and dust your leaves to maximise the levels of photosynthesis
  • Don’t overwater
  • Keep away from being directly over radiators and extreme sources of temperature (hot or cold)

Read our full care guide below on how to care for your kentia palm – so you can buy online and grow from home with peace of mind. For further information, you could try reading RHS’s guide here.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Howea Forsteriana
Big Ken, Thatch Palm, Sentry Palm
Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?
Available in sizes
  • Height 70cm | Nursery Pot Size 17cm
  • Height 120cm | Nursery Pot Size 21cm
  • Height 140cm | Nursery Pot Size 21cm
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