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Office Plant Bundle


Are you looking for the perfect plants for your office? Well, try the office plant bundle. This indoor plant bundle includes: String of Hearts, Spider Plant, and the Devil’s Ivy (30-50cm).

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How To Care For Your Office Plant Bundle

Light & Location

Your String of Hearts will like to be in a sunny spot. The Devil’s Ivy and Spider Plant will prefer some spots in partial shade



These plants are all fairly tolerant to a good watering. You should look to water your office plant bundle when the top 2-3cm of soil is dry to the touch


These indoor plants prefer to live in slightly more humid environment. For your trailing plants, be sure to give these a good misting as this can help to maintain leaf health.

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  • Spider Plant
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • String of Hearts

Nursery Pot Sizes

  • Spider Plant – 12cm
  • Devil’s Ivy – 15cm
  • String of Hearts – 12cm
About Office Plant Bundle

Are you looking for the perfect plants for your office or workspace? Well, look no further. The Office Plant Bundle has you covered! This indoor plant bundle contains specially selected house plants that are going to thrive in your office or workspace. Offices are usually warmer environments, and are often insulated by long strip lights, carpet, multiple people and desks, and radiators.

So, you are going to want some hardy plants from your office plant bundle. That’s why we have comprised the office plant bundle of the Devil’s Ivy, String of Hearts, and the Spider Plant!

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is certainly one of our (almost) Unkillable houseplants. It’ll thrive in the changeable conditions of your office or workspace. Whether your office seems to have heating that is never turned off, or there is someone in the office who always keeps those pesky windows open, the Spider Plant will always thrive!

String of Hearts

Everyone loves an exotic houseplant, don’t they? Although it needs a little TLC, the String of Hearts is always a handy houseplant to have around. This indoor plant will love it on your desk or filing cabinet. Give it plenty of light and it will thrive!

Devil’s Ivy

It’s not named after the devil for nothing! The Devil’s Ivy is one of the hardiest houseplants around. If you’re a hopeless plant parent, then having a Devil’s Ivy should enable you to get the basics of plant care down to a tee! The Devil’s Ivy will happily sit on a desk, filing cabinet, shelf, or book case!

How to Care For Your Office Plant Bundle

The office plant set contains two of the hardiest houseplants we have on offer! So, you really should’t need to be a plant care pro to keep your Devil’s Ivy and Spider Plant alive. The String of Hearts does require a little bit of TLC, but the knack with this indoor plant is to give it enough light to thrive!

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