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Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica

From £25.00

They say money doesn’t grow on trees. Well…we’re not going to make any promises, but a money tree has surely got to be a good place to start!? The carefully braided stem alone makes the money tree a stunning feature – but it is also heralded to bring good luck and fortune to your home.

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About Money Tree

Botanical Name
Pachira Aquatica
Common Names
Money Tree, Guiana chestnut
Plant Height
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Nursery Pot Size
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Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?

The Money Tree was first popularised in Taiwan by those who practised feng shui for the positive energy (chi) that it brings to the home. So if you want to bring prosperity and positivity to your home, you’re in the right place.

Also know as Pachira Aquatica or Guana Chestnut, the Money Tree is a stunning, large indoor plant (120cm+), that would look fantastic in the corner of your room – helping to break up the harsh corners of your wall! This plant will certainly generate plenty of conversation with friends and family when they visit.

We also stock smaller Money Trees if you don’t have the space for the larger size. No matter which you choose, they both look fantastic on a piece of furniture, like a coffee table, sideboard, or desk.

Top Tips for your Money Tree:

  • When it comes to pruning, be sure to use clean, sharp secateurs and cut to the nearest stem/branch. This will help to stimulate new, luscious growth.
  • Money Trees require a lot of water but hate to sit in standing water. To help prevent this, either place some stones at the bottom of your plant pot or put a plate under your nursery pot to allow the excess water to drain away!
  • Enjoyed this description? Read our guide on how to care for your money tree below.

Please note:

  • Money tree’s stems are fragile and can break during transit. We do our best to pack the trees as tightly as possible to avoid any such damage. If only a couple of leaves break we reserve the right to refuse a refund, but if the plant arrives in a completely unsatisfactory condition we will be happy to send a replacement or refund the purchase accordingly. See deliveries and returns.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

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How To Care For Money Tree


Water your money tree when the top inch of soil dries out and ensure all excess water drains away to avoid the onset of root rot. If you have nothing to water with, why not try one of our watering cans?

Light & Location

Keep your money tree in a brightly lit spot with at least six hours of sun a day. Find a south-facing room and keep just out of reach of direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight is best to avoid sun scorch but give them as much light as you can.


Money trees will thank you for average room temperature and high humidity. Don’t place them in a spot that is likely to have drastic changes in temperature and keep them away from drafts. If you need something to mist, why not try one of our water misters?


Choose a well-draining, nutrient-rich potting soil for your money tree. To ensure your soil drains well, consider adding sand, grit or perlite.


Fertilise your plant once per month in the growing months (spring and summer) and bimonthly for the rest of the year. Dilute a basic fertiliser to half-strength and you’ll have one happy money tree which will continue to thrive. At Oxy Plants, we recommend you use Miracle-Gro Organic Pump and Feed!

Pests and Diseases

Unfortunately, money trees can fall victim to a range of different pests, but keep your eyes peeled for mealybugs and scale. Treat as soon as possible with a mild insecticide like neem oil. Similarly, if the problem appears to be persistent, you may need something stronger! Maybe try some Baby Bio Houseplant Bug Killer.


Only repot your money tree if you want it to grow larger. If you’re happy with its size leave it in the pot it’s in. You can even train your money tree into a bonsai if you keep it small from the get-go.  Don’t know which pot to choose? Have a look at our glazed ceramic pots!

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