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Anthuriums shining feature are its brightly coloured leaves. This indoor house plant adds a wonderful pop of colour to your home and will keep its red leaves all year round! Being on the smaller side, Anthurium can work anywhere in the home from the coffee table to the windowsill!

Plant Height: 50cm Pot Size: 14cm

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    Clay Pot

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    Glossy Ceramic Pot Curved

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Sonia MartenSonia Marten
18:12 12 Jul 24
Lovely plant pot very well packaged 📦
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10:35 09 Jul 24
Excellent service and quality. Super fast delivery. Will most definetly come back. Thank you
Graham BallGraham Ball
12:42 07 Jul 24
This plant was a gift from my daughter. It arrived well packaged and importantly is in good condition. Care instructions included, so no problems.
20:34 27 Jun 24
good value for money, excellent quality, very very pleased with the service
Audrey FarrellAudrey Farrell
07:45 26 Jun 24
Lovely healthy plant in secure packaging. Will definitely use again.
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All as described, prompt delivery, well packed, looks good.
Rei LeeRei Lee
20:09 22 Jun 24
Great experience with the customer service (shout-out to Marika) on one out-of-stock item.Compliments to the selection of beautiful plant pots at great prices ; I've been asked where I got them from work colleagues.
Alex SAlex S
12:55 20 Jun 24
Fantastic and very informative website with a great selection of plants all at very competitive prices. Delivery was well packaged and swift. The Kentia Palm is absolutely beautiful and in top condition. I highly recommend Oxy Plants and I will definitely buy from your firm again.
Hugh CassidyHugh Cassidy
13:55 18 Jun 24
Excellent service and my snake plant arrived quickly and great prices would recommend them to anyone
Keith GreeneKeith Greene
16:46 17 Jun 24
Couldn't fault their service or plant quality. I live in Northern Ireland and it is extremely difficult at the moment to have a plant delivered it came in good time and plant was in excellent condition will use them again. I got a few peace lilies for an addition to my aquarium set up and doing great! Thanks
bernard dineenbernard dineen
15:35 17 Jun 24
Ordered plant & pot,arrived promptly,in good condition,well packed,good price.Would recommend.
Shanthi HeilShanthi Heil
20:54 16 Jun 24
I was so pleasantly surprised at how big and robust the plant I ordered was. I'm in love with it and can't stop smiling every time I see it. It was a brilliant purchase. Thank you!
Hazel DupilleHazel Dupille
10:03 11 Jun 24
Beautiful plant nicely packagedThankyou
Trudie DaviesTrudie Davies
18:45 07 Jun 24
Excellent product and speedy delivery. Thank you.
15:24 04 Jun 24
Brilliant!Excellent pots and plant, such great value for money - so glad I found this site, will definitely use in future, 100% recommend!
Robert EyreRobert Eyre
14:12 02 Jun 24
Lovely plants in really nice pots. Well packaged and delivered. Even received a phone call from John to say that he thought my pot choice would be too big and would sub a smaller size when the order was sent out, he was right.
Jacqui TinsonJacqui Tinson
12:06 02 Jun 24
Beautiful plants condition excellent will definitely recommend to family and friends
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22:44 01 Jun 24
Hubbie was over the moon well packed and highly recommend
Emma GeeEmma Gee
15:35 31 May 24
Great service. Beautiful plant delivered in a sophisticated pot that I also bought and lovely water sprayer too. Excellent delivery service . Plant,pot and sprayer well wrapped and protected. Absolutely no hesitation to order more plants and bits from Oxy plants.
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Small but healthy plants.
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Plant arrived well packaged and in good condition
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Very helpful and really good quality artificial plants they look so real very pleased
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I'm very pleased with the two plants I ordered. They very healthy plants , packed very carefully and the delivery was very quick.
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18:04 12 May 24
Had a really good experience, my delivery was a bit delayed due to waiting for stock of Bird of Paradise which didn’t time well for me going away. On contacting the team John was very responsive and accommodating with arranging delivery for when I was back instead. Plants were packaged very well, arrived in perfect condition and all super healthy. Would recommend Oxy Plants and would purchase from them again in the future!
Rosa MaguireRosa Maguire
20:21 07 May 24
Ordered a banana plant. It’s absolutely beautiful and was in great condition. Very happy with my purchase.

How To Care For Anthurium

This indoor plant loves to sit in moist soil. When the top third of the soil becomes dry, be sure to top up this plant with a little bit of water. However, be sure to leave this plant in sodden soil as this will lead to root rot and, ultimately, the death of your plant.

Anthuriums can be grown both indoors and outdoors. In both cases, a relatively shady spot, that is warm in temperature, is ideal. A living room, or dining room is perfect! Avoid putting your anthurium in direct sunlight as this may cause the leaves to scorch.


The sure to give this plant a misting every couple of days. Not only does this help to keep the leaves clean, but it helps to replicate the tropical climate of the Americas.

This indoor plant thrives in soil that is coarse and well draining. If you have a mix with additional sand and peat moss mixed in, this is also great!

During the growing season, Anthuriums will benefit from a phosphorous-light fertiliser (N:P:K 30:10:30) every other week. Be sure to water your fertiliser down with water as this will help prevent the scorching of roots. During the winter months, reduce fertilising to once a month.

Anthuriums are prone to typical bugs and pests. Be sure to watch out for aphids, mealybugs, scale, spider mites, and thrips. If your plant does become infected, be sure to use some of our insecticidal soap spray to treat!

If an Anthurium outgrows its pot, or you’re looking to propagate, be sure to choose a pot that is accommodating for the size of the plant. To see if your plant needs repotting, observe the roots. If they appear to be touching the bottom of your nursery pot, it’s time to change! Why not put your anthurium in a sleek stone ceramic pot?

Care for your Anthurium with these

About Anthurium

Native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, the Anthurium is a fantastic showstopper for any garden, home, or office! Renowned across the globe for their red, glossy flowers and arched yellow tails, this indoor house plant is great choice for those wanting to inject a little bit of colour into a room. The Laceleaf blooms are also heart-shaped, also making them an ideal a gift for a loved one or relative!

Did you know the name ‘Anthurium’ was derived from the Greeks? Literally translating into English as ‘flowering tail’, this is likely due to the plant’s spadix (that’s the yellow part!) towering above its red protector.

One positive of the Anthurium is that it can be kept both indoors and outdoors! In both scenarios, be sure to keep them in mild, temperate climates and keep them out of the direct sunlight. Remember, they’re native to the rainforest so a weekly mist wouldn’t go amiss.

What’s even better is that Anthuriums are evergreen plants, meaning they keep their flowers all year round. Whether the view out of your window is of budding spring or a winter wonderland, one constant will always be the brightly coloured Anthurium on your mantlepiece, desk, or coffee table. However, if you’re keeping your plant alive in winter, it’s better to keep it out of any drafts or cold rooms (just to be sure).

Anthuriums are also list, by NASA, as air purifying! there is northing better than knowing items in your house are keeping you happy and healthy! These air-purifying plants help to remove toxins such as formaldehyde, toluene, and ammonia from your home or workplace. If you’re looking for more information on Anthurium plant care, we found this article by Gardener’s World to be a great source of information!

Please Note: Anthuriums are poisonous to people and pets as they contain calcium oxalate crystals. If its sap gets on your skin or eyes, this may cause irritation. If you have young children or pets, it may be wise to keep this out of reach and raised from the ground.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Laceleaf, Flamingo Plant
Air Purification Qualities
Yes! They remove harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene, and xylene.
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