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Why Should I Buy Artificial Plants? 5 Reasons Why…

Artificial plants and flowers are a fantastic alternative to real living plants. Buying fake plants can be a low-maintenance alternative that look great all year round. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about artificial plants and why you should consider them as the perfect alternative to real plants and flowers.


Artificial Monstera Plant

What Are Artificial Plants?

Put simply, artificial plants are fake alternatives to living plants that are designed to look like the real thing! Often, fake plants are made out of plastic and synthetic materials that will not degrade over time.

Fake plants come in a whole range of different shapes, colours and sizes. They can add a visual appeal to any room or home decor style! The best fake plants are designed to look just like the real thing.

Whilst some plant owners have given artificial plants a bad reputation, it’s also important to focus on some of the positives that artificial flowers and plants bring. So regardless of whether you want a faux or real plant, you’re able to make an informed decision!

1). Artificial plants Are Low Maintenance…

One of the main reasons why people buy faux plants instead of real plants is that they are incredibly low maintenance. Artificial plants don’t need watering, new soil, or any more than zero sunlight. That makes them perfect for the coldest and darkest of rooms.

Whether you have a room with a North-facing window or a bathroom that has taken the life of many a house plant, a fake plant can be a great way of introducing greenery into your home without the worry of plant care.

Faux plants are also ideal for the not-so-green fingered! If you find yourself wondering why your real plants keep on dying, then why not invest in some fake plants? Buying artificial plants can be a great alternative if you struggle to keep our easy-care plant sets or (almost) unkillable houseplants alive!

2). Artificial Plants Are Real Looking…

If you’re an owner of real plants and flowers, you may be forgiven for thinking that fake flowers and plants will never look like the real thing. Well, you would be mistaken! Did you know that today’s faux plants are real-looking?

At Oxy-Plants, we believe in bringing you the highest quality faux plants and flowers. They’re designed to be shown off in your bathroom, kitchen, or on your living room windowsill. 

Our fake plants are made from synthetic plastic materials have a natural feel and look to them 

3). Artificial Plants Are Perfect for Allergy Sufferers…

As any real plant owner can tell you, real flowers and plants can be a pain for those who suffer from hay fever and dust allergies. Popular houseplants, like the peace lily, can often induce runny noses and coughs in some patients. 

An artificial plant is perfect for those who suffer from allergies. You’ll be able to fill your house with the artificial version of any plants you love, letting you have your cake and eat it too! No one should be denied the opportunity to own indoor plants!

4). Artificial Plants Are Cost Effective…

Did you know that artificial plants are also more cost-effective than real flowers and plants? For those who are well versed in caring for greenery around their home, plant care can begin to cost a lot of money!

The cost of plant accessories, like houseplant fertilisers and soil substrates, can begin to mount up over time; and that is before you account for infestations from pests and insects. 

With artificial plants, you never have to worry about any of the incurred costs associated with real plants. All you have to worry about is the home décor! Artificial plants can help you save a fortune, perhaps working out cheaper in the long run. 

5). Artificial Plants Add Greenery to Any Room…

Any plant you own will bring some much-needed greenery into any room. Whether it’s a real or artificial one, having some biophilic design in your home is a great way to boost your productivity. If you don’t believe us, you should definitely read this study by Easy Offices.

Did you know that a natural environment with plenty of plants can even help in improving mood? A realistic fake plant will perform exactly the same effect on the human brain, helping you improve your mood in the long run. 

What Are the Best Fake Plants to Buy?

When it comes to buying artificial plants, there are three main types to look out for: large fake plants, small fake plants, and hanging fake plants!

Artificial Yucca Plant

Large Artificial Plants:

A large faux plant is perfect for any living room, kitchen, or dining room. If you’re interested, why not have a look at the artificial monstera plantartificial bird of paradise, or artificial bamboo tree?

Large fake plants can be used to break up any harsh corners or monotonous magnolia in your walls. What’s even better, these fake friends don’t need any watering or sunlight. 

Small Artificial Plants:

Small fake flowers and plants are perfect for any work desk or windowsill. You can even put one of these on a coffee table as well. Small faux plants are great if you have children or pets. You could even put one in your garden!

If you’re looking for a small indoor fake plant, why not try an artificial succulent or artificial begonias flowers

Hanging Artificial Plants

Fake hanging plants are great to hang from your shelf or bookcase. These fake plants are ideal for any room where light is going to be a real issue. Be sure to have a couple of artificial hanging plants in your bathroom or kitchen. 

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