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Easy Care Plants

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    monkey mask plant monstera obliqua
    monkey mask plant

    Monkey Mask Plant

    Monstera Adansonii

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  • chinese evergreen aglaonema silver bay
    chinese evergreen

    Chinese Evergreen

    Aglaonema 'Silver Bay'

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  • chinese money plant pilea peperomiodes
    chinese money plant Pilea Peperomiodes

    Chinese Money Plant

    Pilea Peperomiodes

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  • birds nest fern asplenium nidus
    birds nest fern

    Bird’s Nest Fern

    Asplenium Nidus

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    prayer plant and pot maranta potted houseplant
    prayer plant and pot maranta potted houseplant

    Prayer Plant & Pot

    Maranta Leuconeura

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  • SAVE 10%
    lucky bamboo dracaena sanderiana

    Lucky Bamboo

    Dracaena Sanderiana

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  • SAVE 17%
    Cherry Brush Bonsai Tree Syzygium

    Brush Cherry Bonsai (Syzygium)


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  • SAVE 17%
    string of hearts

    String of Hearts

    Ceropegia Woodii

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  • chinese privet bonsai
    chinese privet bonsai

    Chinese Privet Bonsai

    Ligustrum Sinense

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  • dumb cane
    dumb cane

    Dumb Cane


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  • SAVE 17%
    bonsai tree buy online uk
    ficus microcarpa bonsai fig tree

    Bonsai Fig Tree

    Ficus microcarpa

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  • japanese elm bonsai tree

    Japanese Elm Bonsai

    Zelkova Serrata

    £30.00 Add to basket
  • fukien tea bonsai carmona retusa
    fukien tea bonsai carmona retusa

    Fukien Tea

    Carmona Retusa

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  • SAVE 25%
    aloe vera barbadensis

    Aloe Vera Barbadensis

    Aloe Aristata / Aloe Barbedensis

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  • Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree Sageretia Theezans
    Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree Sageretia Theezans

    Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai

    Sageretia Theezans

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