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Brush Cherry Bonsai (Syzygium)



The Brush Cherry Bonsai (Syzygium) is a beautiful indoor bonsai tree that adds elegance to any room in your house or workspace. Supplied with a beautiful glazed ceramic pot and matching drip tray, this all in one plant makes the perfect gift or treat and drains excess water safely without damaging your windowsill, table, or carpet!


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About Brush Cherry Bonsai (Syzygium)

Botanical Name
Common Names
Brush Cherry, Boxleaf Eugenia, Chinese Myrtle,
Plant Height
Nursery Pot Size
Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?
This plant is toxic to pets and humans

The Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree is a fantastic addition to those wanting an elegant showstopper plant for their home or workspace. This evergreen bonsai is well-known for its small white flowers that appear from June to September and small black fruits that grow from October to December. With a winding stem and wide-reaching foliage, this plant takes a number of styling techniques very well. Supplied with a beautiful glazed ceramic pot, this all in one plant makes the perfect gift or treat. This bonsai is also supplied with a matching drip tray, enabling excess water to drain safely without damaging your windowsill, table, or carpet!

This indoor plant is fantastic for beginner to intermediate level growers who want to really challenge themselves. With the opportunity to learn how to water, prune, and wire, this bonsai offers a picturesque reward to those willing to care for this indoor plant! Don’t worry if you’ve never looked after a bonsai before. Everything you need to know is included in our Bonsai Care Guide!

In an article written by Bonsai Tree Gardeners, these indoor plants have also been shown, in scientific studies, to reduce the incidences of sore throats, dry coughs, colds, and dry skin. The explanation behind this lies behind the bonsai’s ability to naturally regulate your home’s levels of humidity.  Similarly, with their natural ability to bring calmness and serenity to those who look at them, bonsais have also been used as “nature therapy” to quicken rates of psychological and physiological rehabilitation in patients.

Ordered yourself a Brush Cherry Bonsai? Have a look at our extensive range of bonsai fertilisers and pruning tools to keep on top of your regimen!

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

How To Care For Brush Cherry Bonsai (Syzygium)


Bonsais like being well-watered. Remember to keep the soil consistently moist, thoroughly soaking once a week. For those in shadier places; water when half of the soil has dried out to counteract the chance of over-watering, especially in the winter months.

Light & Location

Keep in a brightly lit area close to a window but out of direct sunlight for optimum conditions. As for locations, we’d recommend this indoor plant to be kept on a windowsill, on top of a sideboard, maybe even a shelf. Put it in a place where people will notice it!


Bonsais love a humid environment. Be sure to keep your bonsai away from radiators and give your plant a mist every so often. This will help to prevent the leaves from drying out and curling up. To go the extra mile, why not introduce a humidity tray over the colder months of the year?


Bonsais thrive with soil that retains water well. it is recommended that a mixture of grit, peat, and loam should be used with your bonsai.


During the growing season, be sure to use a little fertiliser every week. In spring, it may be worth using nitrogen-heavy fertiliser. However, as you reach summer and autumn it would be wise to use a well-balanced fertiliser instead.

Pests and Diseases

Like all plants, bonsais are occasionally prone to pests and diseases. If you notice your plant has been infected, be sure to use some of our natural insecticide, neem oil, to treat it.


You should look to repot your bonsai every two years. A good way to gauge this is by looking at your roots. If plenty of roots are touching the sides of your ceramic pot, it’s time to re-pot! As your bonsai begins to get larger, you should maybe look to repot every three to five years.

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