String of Hearts

Ceropegia Woodii

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String of hearts is a beautiful hanging plant that is super easy to care for. They look elegant in a hanging basket and can grow at a fast-pace if placed in the right environment.

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Botanical Name
Ceropegia Woodii
Common Names
Rosary vine, Chain of hearts, Chinese lantern
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About String of Hearts

Their heart shaped leaves are dappled with grey on top and fleshy red on the underside. They look fantastic trailing down the side of a shelf or sprawling across a windowsill in a dappled sunlight.

String of hearts is a really easy care plant and perfect for the more forgetful indoor gardener who wants to add beautfiul, interesting foliage to their home.

If you want to gift a friend, you can take cuttings from your string of hearts and try to propogate them in water. Take at least 2 nodes and place them in water between 2 weeks to 2 month and wait for roots to form before placing into moist soil.


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How To Care For String of Hearts

String of hearts aren’t overly thirsty, but for succulents they like more water than most. They are drough tolerant, but if you want plump leaves don’t them dry out for too long. Make sure you don’t let them sit in water.
Light & Location
Place your string of hearts in a birghtly lit space with dappled light to encourage fpr the best growth and chance of flowers
Keep in a warm environment with good air circulation. String of hearts can survive some low temperatures, but don’t appreciate anything too hot, or too cold.
A well-drained, sandy cacti mix is great for String of Hearts. As a succulent they don’t want to be sat in their own water.
Use a specialist succulent fertiliser to keep your string of hearts happy that is low in nitrogen.
Pests and Diseases
You should really have too much trouble with pests, but if you’re other plants become infested of infected, move them away.
As string of hearts can grow at some pace, it can be advisable to pot every couple of years. Just be careful with the vines when you do to avoid damage.
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