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Yucca Plant

Yucca Elephantipes

From £15.00

Arguably one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, the Yucca is truly a fuss free plant. Originating from Central America, the Yucca is an evergreen shrub from a hot dry land.

How To Care For Yucca Plant

You should look to water your Yucca when the top inch of soil is dry. As Yucca come from a dry environment they can tolerate periods without watering as they’re adapted to survive droughts. You are much more likely to kill your Yucca by over-watering than you are from under-watering. If you don’t have anything to water with, why not try our BRAND NEW watering cans?

Unlike most houseplants, Yuccas love bright light and can cope with some direct sunshine. Be sure to place them near a window, and even outside for some house on sunny days!

You can treat your Yucca to a pampering with a spray of a water mister every now again but they are used to dry, arid conditions so they shouldn’t be too fussy. If you have nothing to mist with, we have the perfect solution! Try our water mister.

Yucca plants thrive in dry, sandy, gritty soil. Unlike most plants that prefer a rich and fertile soil a little on the acidic side. Our Yucca likes its soil poor, dry and alkaline. Making it an ideal easy to care for indoor house plant.

For your Yucca, a low-nitrogen, balanced fertilizer is ideal. this is to help your plant keep its strong stem and root system whilst not going overboard on its foliage. Something like our Miracle-Gro All Purpose Pump and Feed would be perfect!

Although rare, the Yucca plant may become susceptible to aphids, scales, and mealybugs. If this becomes a problem, simply treat with some of our neem oil!

You should look to repot your Yucca about once a year. You can tell when it’s time to repot when the roots are root-bound! Have a look at our extensive range of stone plant pots and pick which one you find nicest!

About Yucca Plant

The Yucca plant has been one of the staple indoor plants since the 1970’s! Arguably one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, the Yucca is truly a fuss-free plant. This indoor plant is ideal for those needing an exotic showstopper for their home and those new to gardening and horticulture! This product also comes in a wide range of sizes. Whether you want one for your desk, or in the corner of your living room, we have the perfect yucca plant for you!

Originating from Central America, the Yucca is an evergreen shrub from hot dry land. Some species have even been known to occasionally flower. The Yucca plant is one of the stalwarts of our unkillable plant range! Even if you’re not so green-fingered, we’re sure you’ll be able to keep this one alive! Simply keep your yucca in one of the drier rooms in your house, maybe a living room or bedroom, and you’re good to go.

Care tips for the Yucca Plant:

  • Keep in a bright, warm location away from drafts and to ensure you don’t over-water her.
  • Check out our care guide below on how to care for your yucca plant or check out

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Yucca Elephantipes
Yucca Plant, Yucca botanical
Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?
Moderately poisonous to cats, dogs and people
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