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Boost Your Health & Well-being with Houseplants


After what was a difficult year for most in 2020 with the added stresses of coronavirus, the isolation and loneliness that lockdown brings, many managed to find solace in rekindling their connection with nature.

During the early stages of lockdown, when we had the beautiful weather it almost boiled down to those who had a garden and those who didn’t – in terms of one’s health and well-being. But, as the summer drew to a close and we were all forced indoors, keeping that relationship with nature alive can sometimes be much harder.

However, we are now offering services to deliver houseplants, pots and all the plant care tools you may need directly to your door.

There has been a wealth of scientific studies conducted, since the 1960’s, looking at how indoor plants can bring benefits to both our physical and mental health. Some of these findings include:

….to name just a few. In fact, 2020 was the first year in the UK that a GP has prescribed plants to help with anxiety, depression and loneliness. A GP in Manchester offered patients the chance to care for plants, herbs and flowers at home to help their health. Once they have grown the various plants, the patients will return them to be replanted in the surgery’s communal garden, giving others the chance to also enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Augusta Ward, a medical secretary at the practice told the Metro “Having something to care for brings so many benefits to people – especially for those who may not have a garden or be able to have pets. ‘The plant is then a reason to come back to the surgery and get involved in all the other activities in our garden and make new friends.”

In a time when so many of us are experiencing more severe loneliness, anxiety and depression, finding ways to cope and manage with this added stress is essential – for ourselves and for our loved ones. That is why two men from Lancashire are encouraging you to make a fresh start and breathe life into your home in 2021.

In August of 2020, after 4 months of the coronavirus pandemic, Danny & John set up their new business oxy-plants.com. Based out of an old cotton mill in an old industrial town, the lads are helping people across the UK connect with nature, improve their wellbeing and indoor air quality by inviting plants into their home.

After almost a year of us all being locked in our own homes and for many our only source of companionship or human interaction is with the television, Oxy-Plants believe the perfect antidote is to switch off, take a deep breath and take in our surroundings. “The joy of seeing a new leaf on your plant, or see it grow over a long period of time has been shown to help bring joy and a sense of wellbeing, acting as the perfect remedy to the current crisis we find ourselves in.” says Danny. “Not only this but it also gives you something to talk about with other people that is positive. Happiness is often contagious and having a new fulfilling hobby isn’t just good for you, but hopefully for those you love as well.

So, as we head into the new year and look to make it through the last few months of winter – it’s worth considering whether you want to make a fresh start in 2021 and breathe life into your home. You may also know someone else who could do with some cheering up, a neighbour who is isolated or a relative who you haven’t been able to see.

Oxy-plants have a wide range of indoor plants available with beautiful accompanying plant pots. They even break down their indoor plants into easy to digest categories; for instance air purifying plants, easy care plants, child & pet friendly plants, large plants, small plants etc.

One of the issues some people have before buying an indoor plant is the worry of not being able to look after the plants or killing them. However, Oxy-plants have chosen a range of plants that are effective at cleaning your indoor air and are super easy to care for. John says “Most of our plant range are really easy to care for, the greatest tip we can give is don’t over-water your plants. The best way to test whether you need to water your plants is to stick your finger in the soil – if it’s bone-dry consider watering and if it’s still damp give it another couple of days”.

They have even started to collate a list of plant care guides, to help put the nervous indoor gardener’s worries at ease.

So, what are you waiting for, go have a browse of the range of indoor plants Oxy-Plants have for your home or have a think about a friend or relative who could do with a bit of cheering up. Traditionally people would buy cut flowers, but you tend to just end up watching them die over a couple of weeks; whereas an indoor plant can last for years or a lifetime.

If you would like more information on the benefits of plants you can read more on the plant benefits section of the Oxy-Plants website. If you have any issues with using their website or would like some more information you can call them on 01204 845 451 to speak to a friendly member of their teaml, or email hello@oxy-plants.com.

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