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Dumb Cane



Dumb cane is a popular UK indoor house plant, with good reason. It’s variegated leaves make a beautiful addition to any room.

Plant Height: 55cm Pot Size: 17cm

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How To Care For Dumb Cane

They like a really good watering then to be left alone to dry out for a bit. This is one houseplant which probably wont mind a routine watering regime. Of course always adjust according to the season and to the needs of your own Dumb Cane, for example expect in very warm months to water more often and in Winter less regularly.

Put this plant in partly shades spot. Don’t put this plant in direct sunlight as this can cause sunburn.

This plant likes a stable humidity environment. So it is recommendable to use a pebble tray to sustain a good humid condition throughout the year. If the surrounding saturation is too low or the heat too high, its leaf-tips may start to brown over and curl, especially in direct sunlight.

This plant likes peaty, well-drained soil.

You can use houseplant feed fortnightly in spring and summer and once a month during autumn and winter.

Not common to get pests but watch out for spider mites and mealybugs. This plant is quite common to be plagues by ” lethal yellow”, a fungal disease that causes yellowing leaves, dropping fruit and eventual death. While trees can be given antibiotics, this is not always successful and most palms end up succumbing to disease.

About Dumb Cane

If warm temperatures are provided with good light, feed and regular watering then you can expect moderate to fast growth. If you fail to give any of those things on a regular basis then growth will slow or even stop completely.

The Dumb Cane does flower indoors every once in a while but they can never match the impressive and splendour of the foliage so don’t worry if yours isn’t producing flowers.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Air Purification Qualities
Removes Formaldehyde, Xylene and Toluene
Child & Pet Safe?
Dumb Cane is toxic to humans and pets, as it contains oxalic acid and calcium oxalate crystals that can cause burning and swelling of the lips, tongue and throat and it can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.
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