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Aglaonema Orange Star

Aglaonema 'Orange Star'


Aglaonema Orange Star’s are bright by name & nature. This colourful houseplant injects colour & warmth into your home with its orange/pink hue.

Plant Height: 40cm Pot Size: 19cm

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How To Care For Aglaonema Orange Star

Aglaonemas aren’t too demanding when it comes to watering. Allow the top third of soil to dry out between watering. Reduce this further during autumn and winter. If you don’t have anything to water with, why not try our watering can?

Chinese Evergreens thrive in bright indirect light, but they can cope with darker environments. Remember, if you can’t read there it’s too dark for your houseplant. Don’t allow the sun to scorch your Aglaonemas leaves as they are naturally found on the forest floor.

This colourful houseplant isn’t too fussy for high humidity, but they will thank you for an occasional misting. Try one of our water misters to keep its leaves in tip-top condition. It’s also recommended to dust your leaves monthly to maximise their photosynthesis potential.

Use a loose-draining compost with added perlite or sand, if necessary. They like a slightly acidic soil 5.6-6.5 pH. You can check your soil’s acidity levels with our 3-in-1 soil tester.

Aglaonemas like a nitrogen-rich environment, so you can consider using a fertiliser with a slightly higher N count – but it should be happy enough with a normal houseplant fertiliser.

Although rare, the Chinese Evergreen may become susceptible to aphids, scales, and mealybugs. If this becomes a problem, simply treat it with some of our neem oil!

Root rot can be a common problem. Please do not allow this colourful houseplant to sit in water. In spring, repot biannually with houseplant compost. Water the plant 24hrs beforehand to reduce the risk of damaging the root hairs (Transplant Shock).

About Aglaonema Orange Star

Aglaonema Orange Star’s are bright by name and by nature. Their orange / pink hue injects colour and warmth into your home. Not only that, but Chinese Evergreen, are super easy to care for. In fact, we even listed them in our top 10 unkillable plants! This fuss-free plant can be purchased online and delivered direct to your door, or to someone else to surprise them with a beautiful, colourful plant that could last them for years!

Aglaonema Orange Star’s best characteristic is definitely its luscious, colourful leaves. They make a perfect gift for a loved one. They are also a rare & unusual houseplant so if you know an enthusiastic houseplant gardener, they might not have met this stunning indoor plant before. Due to their easy-care nature, you shouldn’t have to worry about it quickly dying.

So why not add this stunning, colourful houseplant to your basket now and transform your home with ease.

Read our care guide below to learn how to care for Aglaonema.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Aglaonema ‘Orange Star’
Chinese Evergreen
Air Purification Qualities
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