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How Do I Choose The Perfect Planting Gift For Plant Lovers?

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Buying an indoor plant as a gift for someone you know? Well, we have got you covered. In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about indoor greenery, the wide selection of plants you can choose from, and the perfect gifts for plant lovers!

Gifts For Plant Lovers: Where to Start

So you’re wondering where to start with gifting for your plant lover friends or family members. You know they love houseplants but aren’t quite sure about their design tastes. Well, at Oxy-Plants we’re here to help! 

Before you even consider buying a gift, it’s important to make sure you’re asking the correct questions about what your plant parent-to-be is going to want. So, it’s important to have a good idea about plant aesthetics, maintenance, the room where your plant is likely to be, amongst other things!

Anyway, on with the questions…

What Level of Plant Caring Expertise Does Your Gift Recipient Have?

Thinking about the relative level of expertise your plant recipient has is going to be vital in making sure you’re getting a gift that is going to survive. This way, your plant lover is going to be happy and you’re not wasting your money! 

Plant care levels can generally be split into 3 levels of difficulty: easy-care, medium-care, and tricky-care house plants. The difficulty of plant maintenance is dependent upon a number of factors, such as watering, light levels, location, and fertilising. 

Whilst easy care plants may only need a watering every couple of months, there are some plants on the trickier end that don’t respond well to the toxins in tap water, potentially affecting the plant’s health. 

So, a safe bet is to always consider some houseplants from our (almost) Unkillable plant range. This includes stalwarts of the indoor plant game like the Devil’s IvyCast Iron, and Snake Plant.

Does Your Plant Gift Recipient Have a Pet?

If your plant lover friend has a cat or dog, then it’s vital to ensure you’re getting them a houseplant that isn’t going to poison their pet! 

Some plants contain toxins that can make our furry friends quite sick. One of the most popular houseplants, the Swiss Cheese Plant, is toxic to cats and dogs as it contains calcium oxalate crystals. 

At Oxy-Plants, we have a dedicated Pet-Friendly Houseplant list of indoor plants, so you can make sure you’re picking a houseplant that will also keep our furry friends happy and healthy.

How Does Your Recipient’s Home and Garden Look?

Believe it or not, all plant lovers are different and draw upon various different design inspirations. Some plant lovers prefer a minimalist or Scandi aesthetic, whilst others may prefer the English country home and garden look! 

Of course, this may have a knock-on effect on the gifts you buy plant lovers. For people with more minimalist homes, sleeker plants like Cast Iron, Yucca Plant, or Dracaena may be ideal. For English cottages, something traditional like an English Ivy would work. If your plant lovers are fans of an art-deco-inspired home, then a Bird of Paradise would be perfect!

Another key aesthetic choice is always going to be your choice of plant pot as well. A single-coloured sleek pot like the glossy-edged straight pot is always a good choice!

How Much Space Does Your Plant Recipient Have?

Before you buy a gift for your plant lover, it’s always wise to have a think about the size of the plant you want to buy in relation to the size of the space they have to fill. Introducing nature into the home is great, but not if it’s going to encroach upon their living space. 

Larger plants, like the ArecaKentia, and Parlour palm all come in larger sizes and breathe life into any room. However, a large bushy foliage can also be tough to manage and take up vital room. Not to mention, large indoor plants also come with a bigger price tag. 

So, whether it’s a desk plant, medium-sized plant, or natural showstopper, just make sure it’s reasonable!

Gifts For Plant Lovers: The Best Gift Ideas!

Gifts For Him and Gifts For Her. 

At Oxy-Plants, we have dedicated gifts for him and gifts for her pages. These respective lists have been expertly chosen by our team to create the perfect plant gift ideas for men and women. So, what are you waiting for?

Living Houseplants

The easiest way to pick the perfect gifts for plant lovers if by using our “shop by collection” function on the header of our website. This can help narrow down your gifting options for loved ones, enabling you to shop by size, appearance, and even relevance category. 

We have also produced this quick handy list, so you can look for the right gifts for plant lovers with no added stress: 

The list really is endless! 

Houseplant Accessories

If you have a plant lover that already has all the plants they could ever wish for, why not get them something a little different? Houseplant accessory kits make for unique gifts and enable plant lovers to work with what they have, rather than make their home even more cramped. 

If you think enabling plant lovers to thrive in their plant maintenance duties is your thing, then you should seriously consider the small and larger houseplant accessory kits we have on offer. Go on, brighter up a plant lover’s day!

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