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Plant Care Gift Set


If you’re needing a present for a friend or loved one, then why not consider our Plant Care Gift Set? Included in this gift box:

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About Plant Care Gift Set

Are you stuck for a Birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or loved one? You should definitely consider our Plant Care Gift Set! This makes an amazing present for anyone, from the plant-care novice to the seasoned grower. Whether you’re wanting all the gear to go with your first plant, or some spares to sit in your plant care toolbox, you’ll find everything you need in this plant care gift set.

So, what are the most important elements of Plant Care? As you’ll see at the bottom of all of our product descriptions, we offer a range of different plant care tips and tricks from watering, to repotting, to pruning, and location. This Plant Care Gift Set is designed to help you along the way! With this gift box, you’ll be able to prune, repot, and feed your houseplants with ease. If you’re concerned about pesticides, you could even purchase a neem oil and insecticidal soap spray as well.  There’s really nowhere better to buy unique plant gifts online!

If you like the look of this Plant Care Gift Set, why not consider some more indoor plants gifts? Something like a Chinese Money Plant or Boston Fern would really get the most out of this gift set. Not to mention, it would look fantastic with one of our Elho Vibes Plant Pots!

Plant Care Gift Set Includes:

This Plant Care Gift Set is filled to the brim with all the helpful tools and utensils you need to keep your houseplants happy and healthy. Included in the Plant Care Gift Set is:

Packed and Delivered With Love:

If you’re getting this as a present for someone special, it’s always good to know that their present is being packed and delivered with love. As well as using sustainable packaging, this Plant Care Gift Set comes with a bespoke instruction guide and To/From label. There’s nothing like going the extra mile for a loved one.

It’s not a problem if you happen to be buying this gift last minute! Next Day Delivery is available with this product. It’ll be at your partner’s, relative’s, or friend’s house in no time!

In stock

Next Day Delivery Available*
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