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Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra Elatior

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The cast iron plant is a worry-free choice for any indoor plant gardener. They are bold, architecturally strong plants, with vertical lines running through their leaves giving them a distinctive style. Aspidistras are a popular gift for men due to its broad leaves and easy-care nature. It is much more shade tolerant than many other plants and very low maintenance!


How To Care For Cast Iron Plant

You really don’t need to go overboard on the watering with the cast iron plant. Once per month should be fine. As with most plants, if in a brightly lit spot apply a little more water than usual and less in a shadier spot. If you have nothing to water with, why not try one of our watering cans?

The ideal place to locate this easy-care plant is in indirect sunlight, but it will be fine in full shade as well. In the autumn and winter, it will love a spot where it can catch morning or evening light. Never let it stand in strong sunlight for longer than an hour. This will result in a pale, washed-out plant.

Aspidistras aren’t fussy, they should be fine in normal room humidity but you can treat them to a mist with a water mister every now and again.

This easy-care plant likes loose, well-draining soil. Consider introducing wood chippings, grit or perlite to your compost for added drainage.

You can use houseplant feed or general houseplant fertiliser at half strength twice a month during spring and summer and once a month in winter. Never apply ‘ready to pour’ feed on unwatered soil as this will cause the roots to burn. If you’re struggling to determine what fertiliser may be best, we recommend using Miracle-Gro pump and feed!

Occasionally check the soil and undersides of the leaves for mealy bugs, scale, aphids, spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, vine weevils and root mealybugs. Spray off aphids and spider mites with water or a water and soap mix. If an infestation occurs, we recommend taking a more organic approach using Neem oil to kill the pest and their eggs or Insecticidal Soap Spray. If you want to use a known brand we recommend Baby Bio Houseplant Bug Killer.

Cast Iron Plants are easy to propagate by division and repot in another pot. Have a look if your pot is still big enough every 6 months. If it’s looking full, then it may be time for a new pot.