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Chinese Pepper Bonsai Tree

Xanthoxylum Piperitum


Bring a touch of China into your home? The Chinese Pepper Bonsai (Xanthoxylum) is an evergreen bonsai that makes for a natural showstopper in any home. Perfect as a gift for yourself or others, this exotic bonsai tree will sit happily on a work desk, or in your living room!

In the warmer months, the Chinese Pepper Bonsai produces beautiful blooms. Its bright yellow flowers produce a fantastic constant against its dark green, glossy leaves. Order this bonsai today and get delivered to your door!

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How To Care For Chinese Pepper Bonsai Tree

This indoor houseplant loves to be in moist soil. When its looks in need of a drink, be sure to give it a good watering. Every couple of days (during the summer months) should do. In colder months, reduce the amount of watering to weekly (perhaps, even bi-weekly).

The Chinese Pepper loves a warm climate that is sheltered from the wind. From Autumn to Winter, place this indoor houseplant in a sunny spot away from any draughts. In the Spring and Summer months, move it out of any direct sunlight as you won’t want its leaves getting scorched!

This bonsai tree loves an occasional misting. As it’s native to the subtropics of Asia, it’s definitely built to withstand a bit of rain. If you’re giving your bonsai a mist, be sure to give the leaves a wipe as well. This will help to remove any build up of dust and maximise photosynthesis!

Whilst bonsai’s love a drink, they hate sitting in standing water. As such, be sure to place your bonsai in a well-draining soil, with plenty of structure to it. Perlite, Vermiculite, or Pumice can certainly be your best friend here!



Your safest bet with any bonsai tree is to use a bonsai-specific fertiliser. Have you tried Baby Bio Bonsai Food? This helps maximise the nutrients your bonsai needs for sturdy roots, a girthy trunk, and a beautiful foliage.

Bonsais are not particularly susceptible to pests and diseases. However, in the winter months, be sure to keep an eye out for Spider Mites. If your bonsai does become affected, be sure to purchase some of our neem oil!

Bonsai’s will naturally grow to the size of their enclosure. If you do not wish for your bonsai to grow, don’t repot. However, if you’re wanting to re-pot, check your bonsai’s roots bi-yearly. If they’ve reached the bottom of your plant pot, then it is time to re-pot!

About Chinese Pepper Bonsai Tree

Native to the subtropical regions of East Asia (China, Korea, & the Himalayas), the Chinese Pepper Bonsai (Xanthoxylum Piperitum) is a perfect tree to begin your bonsai journey! Literally translating to “tree in a tray”, a Bonsai is not a houseplant, but a symbol of an entire philosophy. Maintaining a bonsai quickly becomes a way of life, helping teach its owner the value of discipline, care, and aesthetics.

If you love houseplants that bloom in the summer months, then this bonsai may be for you. Not only does the Chinese Pepper Bonsai bloom beautiful yellow flowers, but it also produces dark spiced fruit in more mature trees. Whilst this isn’t the quite the pepper you would season your food with, it is this fruit that gives it the “Chinese Pepper” and “Sichuan” name.

As with any bonsai tree, the Chinese Pepper will really reward an owner who knows the value of pruning. If this is your first time buying a bonsai, make sure you own a watering can, wire, and some secateurs. These will help you when it comes to training and pruning your bonsai. Furthermore, if you’re a novice at bonsai care have a look at our “Bonsai Care Essentials” article. It’s a great place to start!chinese pepper bonsai tree indoor uk

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Xanthoxylum Piperitum
Chinese Pepper Bonsai, Sichuan Pepper
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