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Bird of Paradise Plant

Strelitizia Nicolai

From £30.00

The Bird of Paradise plant is an elegant tropical houseplant with large, broad, waxy leaves. We think the Strelitzia is the perfect home improvement investment and transforms your space with ease.


How To Care For Bird of Paradise Plant

Water your Bird of Paradise when the top half of the soil has dried out. You can purchase a soil & light tester to check when your plant needs hydrating. Don’t allow your Strelitzia to sit in water to avoid the onset of root rot.

Strelitzias love the sun, so place it in the brightest room in the house. Don’t let it stand in a cold, drafty place as this plant is not cold tolerant. It’s also good to wipe the leaves of any dust monthly to let your Bird of Paradise plant bask in all the sunlight it can.

Bird of Paradise plants thrive in bright, moist environments with good air circulation. To maintain a high level of moisture, mist the leaves from time to time to hydrate the leaves with a water mister.

This plant likes rich and well-draining soil. Consider adding a natural houseplant fertiliser and horticultural grit to your potting medium for an extra happy plant.

You can use houseplant feed once a month. But switch to a product high in potassium (like Poinsettia or Tomato-labelled Feed) when the plant is in bloom to prolong the duration of the flowers.

Check this houseplants cubbyholes occasionally for spider mites and mealybugs, scale, thrips and vine weevils. If you find any pests consider using an organic insecticide like neem oil.

Check your Strelitzia’s roots yearly. If your plant is root-bound (its roots are growing out of the bottom of your pot) then it’s time for a new planter).