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Soil Substrates

Buy soil substrates for house plants online and get them delivered straight to your door. Create the perfect blend of soil substrates to keep your houseplants in optimum health, year-round.

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  • Plant Terrarium

    From £25.00

    The Plant Terrarium is a fantastic way to bring some natural beauty into your home. Forget picture frames and paintings, this terrarium will look beautiful all year round whilst also nurturing the fussier houseplants you own.

    Fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY master? Well, make your own microclimate with this plant terrarium. Whether you want to recreate the arid conditions of the desert, or create warm and humid environment akin to the rainforest, the opportunities are endless.

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  • Peat-Free Compost

    From £2.50

    Peat-free compost is ideal for any gardener or houseplant enthusiast looking to improve their plant’s soil, or substrate. This mixture has a range of benefits, including:

    • Improves soil structure
    • Improves water absorption
    • Improves water drainage
    • Well-balanced NPK nutrition
    • Sustainably sourced
    • 100% Organic
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  • Perlite

    From £2.99

    If you’re wanting to make your own soil for your indoor houseplants, then perlite is essential! Perlite is great for a range of purposes, from repotting larger plants, housing and propagating tiny plant cuttings. This non-toxic, high-quality perlite brings the following benefits to your soil:

    • soil aeration
    • water retention
    • water drainage
    • soil structure

    Buy today and get delivery to your door anywhere in the UK!

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  • Horticultural Grit


    Horticultural grit is a must-have item for any experienced gardener or plant enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your garden or repot some of your indoor houseplants, a bag of horticultural grit is a handy product to have stashed away in your shed or with your horticulture tools. This gardening grit is:

    • Ideal for all succulents, cacti, and palms
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Can be used for decorative purpose
    • Can be mixed with existing soil mixture
    • Completely non-toxic
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  • Vermiculite

    From £2.50

    If you’re enthusiastic about getting the most out of your plants, then vermiculite is a useful tool in any plant carer’s arsenal. Lightweight, non-toxic, vermiculite is a naturally occurring element that helps to keep your soil and substrates healthy.

    Key benefits of adding vermiculite into your soil include:

    • Aids water retention
    • Aids water drainage
    • Regulates you soil’s pH
    • Fantastic for propagation, seeds, and young shoots




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  • Potting Bark

    From £2.99

    Potting bark is a must-have item for any gardener or plant enthusiast who cares about their houseplants. This 3-15mm woodland bark is sustainably sourced from British woodland and comes with a number of key benefits:

    • Improves soil structure
    • Improves soil aeration
    • Offers a natural decorative twist
    • Most effective with peat-based soils and substrates
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