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Popular House Plants and How To Care For Them

Popular House Plants and How To Care For Them

At Oxy Plants, we sell a huge variety of houseplants that cater to all levels of plant-keeping experience. Whether you’re looking for a beautifully flowering plant, a large, big leaf tree or a miniature succulent or cactus, we can help you to find the right plant and care for it well. 


Here are some of our most popular houseplants and their care requirements – they are relatively easy to maintain, come in a large range of sizes and all look equally beautiful in the home.


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cast iron plant aspidistra

Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra Elatior

The Cast Iron house plant, native to Japan and Taiwan, is a hardy plant that requires very little watering and minimal, overall care. It’s great for beginner gardeners and those who just want to keep a few, simple plants for the aesthetics. 

Caring for a Cast Iron plant is simple. You’ll need to:

Water: Once a month.

Light: Indirect sunlight, but it will be fine in full shade.

Soil: Loose and well-draining.

Potting: Start at 12cm, can be propagated and re-potted.

Pet Friendly?: Yes

kentia palm howea fosteriana

Kentia Palm

Howea Forsteriana

The Kentia Palm, originating off the coast of Australia, is a beautifully exotic palm that is hugely popular amongst house plant keepers. It’s a fairly easy plant to care for as it doesn’t require much sunlight, if any at all.


Most people can easily care for a Kentia Palm. You’ll need to:

Water: The top third of the soil needs to dry out between watering.

Light: Bright, indirect light.
Soil: Well-draining potting compost.
Potting: Starts at 19cm, will need repotting every 3 years.
Pet Friendly?: Yes.

peace lily spathiphyllum

Peace Lily


The Peace Lily, originally thriving on a tropical forest floor, is a great, highly-popular house plant that most people have heard of before. Peace Lilies are beautifully resilient plants that stand up well in most home environments and are powerfully air-purifying.


Water: Occasionally, and topped up if the leaves are wilting.

Light: Bright, well-lit area that maintains warmth (16℃ & above).
Soil: Nutrient rich, loose compost.
Potting: Starts at 12cm, can be repotted when it grows and easy to propagate.
Pet Friendly?: No

money tree small

Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica


The Money Tree, popularised in Taiwan, is said to bring prosperity and positivity to the home. With beautifully braided stems that come in a large range of sizes, the Money Tree is a wonderful addition to any home.


With particular attention to light and water, the Money Tree is easily cared for. You’ll need to:

Water: Top it up regularly and water when the top inch of soil is dry.

Light: Brightly-lit spot with a minimum of 6 hours indirect sunlight a day.
Soil: Well-draining, nutrient-rich potting soil.
Potting: Repot if you want the tree to grow larger.
Pet Friendly?: Yes

areca palm dypsis lutescens

Areca Palm

Dypsis Lutescens

The Areca Palm, a hugely air purifying leaf, is a stunning tropical palm that grows well in a range of different environments. The palm varies in size and can be kept as a small house plant or repotted to grow into a large palm tree.


With only a few elements to focus on, the Areca Palm is a hardy plant and easy to care for. You’ll need to:

Water: Keep the soil moist in the warmer months and drier in Winter.

Light: Mostly indirect sunlight with 3-5 hours of direct sunlight a day if possible.
Soil: Peat-based potting mix.
Potting: Re-pot every other year to refresh.
Pet Friendly?: Yes

Choosing the right house plant that works best for your home environment and plant-keeping skills can be difficult. At Oxy Plants, we provide our customers with plenty of advice and support on how to choose the right house plant and how you should care for it.


You could check out our blog on our pick of the 10 best houseplants or browse through our site and read about each plant individually. Whether you want to get a simple, unkillable houseplant or are more experienced and fancy caring for a more unpredictable yet rewarding leaf, Oxy Plants has them all. 

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