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breathe life into your home

We take the fuss out of buying houseplants; helping you choose the right plants for the right space and delivering them straight to your door.

We make sure you’re always happy with your plants offering free placements or refunds on damaged goods 😊

Plant bundles are a great way to start or expand your collection. Save 10% when you purchase a plant bundle for superb value for money.

  • SAVE 17%

    Areca Palm & Pot

    £40.49 Add to cart
  • SAVE 33%

    Ficus Ginseng Bonsai & Pot

    £13.99 Add to cart
  • SAVE 20%

    Kentia & Pot

    £56.24 Add to cart
  • SAVE 31%

    Dracaena Fragrans Riki & Pot

    £39.74 Add to cart
UK delivery

Indoor & outdoor plants delivered straight to your door, anywhere in the UK.

30 day refunds

If your plant or pot arrives damaged, contact us to get a free replacement or refund.

We're here to help

Speak to a member of our local, friendly team if anything is wrong.

From rugged concrete pots, to smooth clean ceramic pots find the plant pot that suits your style.

  • Tapered Ceramic Pot Matte.

    From £7.50 Select options
  • FASHION CERAMIC POT 21cm indoor plant

    Glossy Straight Edged Pot

    From £5.99 Select options
  • 12cm green matte ceramic plant pot

    Matte Ceramic Pot Curved

    From £4.99 Select options
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Plants for Offices

Breathe life into your business with indoor plants.

We consult, design, maintain and replace plants in businesses across the North West. We also deliver indoor plants to businesses nationwide, so you can green your team or treat them to a gift that will grow for years.

Plant accessories, houseplant fertililsers & pest control help you care for your plants and keep them healthy all year round.

  • Plant Mister

    £14.99 Add to basket
  • SAVE 17%
    black watering can houseplants indoor

    Mica Decorations Anchor Watering Can

    From £9.99 Select options
  • SAVE 25%
    art deco plant stand

    Art Deco Plant Stand

    From £11.25 Select options
  • baby bio houseplant food
    baby bio houseplant food

    Baby Bio Houseplant Food

    £4.99 Add to basket
  • 120cm moss pole plants
    moss pole plants close up

    Moss Pole

    From £9.99 Select options
  • SAVE 25%
    neem oil houseplant pest spray buy online uk
    neem oil houseplant pest spray buy online uk

    Neem Oil

    From £7.50 Select options

Popular Plant Collections

Easily transform your home and find the best large house plants – including the Kentia Palm, Bird of Paradise Plant & Yucca.

New to growing indoor plants? Choose from our top 10 ‘unkillable’ plants or browse our entire range of easy-care houseplants.

Houseplants breathe oxygen into our lives as well as remove nasty air pollutants lurking in our homes. Find out which are most effective.

If you have pets or children running around, it can be important to ensure your plants are safe for your home.

If you’ve got a particularly dark spot in your home, browse our indoor plants that like shade like an aspidistra.

Turn your home into a tropical jungle with the best indoor hanging plants like devil’s ivy, heartleaf philodendron & more.

If you’re looking for something a little more modest, find the best cheap house plants and grab yourself a bargain.

Bonsai trees make fantastic gifts year round. Many of our bonsais come with their own glazed ceramic pot & tray.

Your plants, plant trees.
Making the world a greener place, as well as your home

With its own self-watering system and easy installation, the LivePicture is the best way to add a living wall to your home. Available in a range of sizes and colours, create a unique green wall in your home.

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