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Zinc Plant Pot

From £3.50

The Zinc Plant Pot is a rugged and dependable planter that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you want your planter to sit elegantly on a windowsill in your home, or brave the harsh conditions of your allotment, this zinc plant pot is adept at living in a number of different environments. Just make sure you have the right plant!

Whatever the weather condition, your zinc plant pot is never going to let your down! It’s unlikely to smash like a ceramic plant pot, and is unlikely to corrode or rust at the rate of other metal plant pots.

This product also comes in a range of available sizes, from: 12cm, 15cm, 19cm, to  23cm.

About Zinc Plant Pot

Fancy grabbing yourself a rough and ready pot for one of your indoor houseplants? Then, the Zinc Plant Pot is definitely the way to go. With a brushed sleek, brushed metal finish, the Zinc Plant Petal is suitable for a range of environments in the home, allotment, or garden. We think the kitchen windowsill would be perfect!

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Zinc Plant Pot is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re putting this metal planter in a macrame plant hanger, on a plant pot stand, or on your outside window bottom, it’ll stand up to a battering. You simply won’t find this rugged dependability with cheap other plant pots! The really are possibilities are endless.


This metal planter is unlikely to rust over time. Even in the cold depths of a cold British winter. From harsh winds to snow, sleet, and hail, you can rest assured your Zinc Plant Pot will always stay the same!

Available Sizes

This range of metal planters also come in a range of different sizes! Whether your have a HUGE natural showstopper (like an Areca Palm) or a tiny succulent for your desk, we’ve definitely got a zinc plant pot for your needs! This planter is available in 12cm, 14cm, 19cm, and  23cm.


To work out what size of plant pot you need, measure the size of your houseplant’s nursery pot. Then, purchase a zinc plant pot slightly larger than the size of your nursery pot. If you don’t have a ruler,  tape measure, or simply haven’t bought your plant yet, nursery pot sizes can also be found on each plant’s product description. We hope that helps!

Zinc Plant Pots and Soil Substrates

If you’ve purchased your new houseplant and zinc plant pot, why not go the whole hog? Investing in a high quality soil substrate is a fantastic way to ensure your plant is going to thrive for the years to come! 

Why not make your houseplant and zinc plant pot look stylish by using some topping stone? This will really help to give a sleek look to your new plant-baby purchase!



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Indoor & Outdoor
Pot Dimesions

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12cm, 15cm, 19cm, and  23cm

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