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String of Hearts Pot and Stand


Looking for the perfect hanging plant bundle? This String of Hearts Pot and Stand is perfect for any friend or family member who loves a houseplant as a gift!


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How To Care For Your String of Hearts Pot and Stand

Light & Location

Place your string of hearts in a birghtly lit space with dappled light to encourage for the best growth and chance of flowers



String of hearts aren’t overly thirsty, but for succulents they like more water than most. They are drough tolerant, but if you want plump leaves don’t them dry out for too long. Make sure you don’t let them sit in water.


Keep in a warm environment with good air circulation. String of hearts can survive some low temperatures, but don’t appreciate anything too hot, or too cold.

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String of Hearts

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About String of Hearts Pot and Stand

The String of Hearts Pot and Stand bundle makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member. With a dainty little hanging houseplant, an Art Deco plant stand, and a sleek matte ceramic curved pot, what could be better as a gift this Valentine’s Day?

String of Hearts: Hanging Plant

The String of Hearts has quickly become a favourite in the plant care community. Found in many homes across the UK, this indoor hanging plant balances delicate elegance and an easy-care nature. It’s perfect for beginners and intermediate plant parents and will sit happily on a shelf, bookcase, or in a macrame plant hanger.

The String of Hearts has heart shaped leaves that are dappled with grey flecks on top. On the underside they are fleshy red. It looks perfect in this String of Hearts Pot and Stand bundle!

Matte Ceramic Pot (Curved): Stylish Plant Pot

The matte ceramic pot curved is a stylish addition to those wanting a sleek curved planter for their home. With a subtle textured finish, this ceramic plant pot will look perfect in any home. Guess what? It matches perfectly with any Scandi inspired home. decor!

If this colour of stone plant pot isn’t for you, then get in touch with us via email or phone. We’re happy to swap this pot out for something you prefer. Everybody needs to have a string of hearts & pot in their home!

Art Deco Plant Stand: a Touch of Class

With an Art Deco plant stand you can ut your favourite plant on a pedestal. The metal plant stool has a black colour and a unique design. This way you give your pot and plant a real something extra! This really adds that final touch to your String of Hearts, Pot and Stand bundle!


In stock


In stock

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