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Artificial Hanging Bamboo


This faux bamboo  is an artificial hanging plant that looks just like the real thing. If you’re wanting an indoor houseplant without the hassle of plant care, then bag yourself an artificial hanging bamboo. Go on, we won’t tell!

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About Artificial Hanging Bamboo

Do you have that one friend who is just hopeless at plant care, or are you looking to buy fake plants for yourself? Well, no it’s no longer a problem. With our brand-new range of artificial houseplants, anyone can bring a splash of garden green into their home or workspace.

This artificial hanging bamboo will look perfect in your living room, dining room, or bathroom. Simply place it on a bookcase or shelving unit and let it work its magic. This artificial hanging bamboo has a beautiful bushy appearance with, delicate shoots of yellowish green. It’ll definitely bring that burst of exotic oriental colour to any room.

Child & Pet Safe

One of the problems with living indoor houseplants is knowing whether they’re safe to have around young children or pets. As most houseplants are mildly toxic to humans and animals, it’s often a bad idea to have large indoor houseplants in your living room or dining room.

This product is completely pet and child safe as it is made of strong and sturdy materials. So, if you love houseplants but are worried about your furry friends, then an artificial hanging bamboo is the perfect addition to your family.

This is a great positive if you’re looking to buy fake plants.

Zero Hassle

One of the main drawbacks of houseplants can be the amount of time you have to take out of your busy schedule to water, prune, and mist your plants. Not to mention finding the right amount of light and location.

With an artificial plant, you can take out all the hassle of plant care. There’s no need for neem oil, pruning sheers, or a watering can. Your artificial hanging bamboo will look sleek and elegant all year round!


Top Tips for Your Artificial Hanging Bamboo

Whether it’s real or fake, there’s no risk to take! If you are worried about your artificial plant looking fake, simply place some soil and topping stone as you would normally if you are repotting. Voila! It’ll look like the real thing in no time! Equally, when placed above head height, an artificial hanging plant will look just like the real thing. Its foliage will flow from a shelf, and no one will ever do a double take!

This plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If it ever begins to look a little bit worse for wear, don’t hesitate to give it a wipe with a dust cloth. It’ll look good as new in no time. There’s no reason not to buy fake plants to bolster your existing collection.

Is this artificial plant not buttering your crumpet? Have a look at our live hanging plants And extensive range of ceramic plant pots.

In stock

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