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Parlour Palm & Pot


Get huge savings on this plant bundle while stocks last.

Save 40% on a 30-50cm Parlour Palm & 12cm Curved Stone Pot.

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Available on back-order

How To Care For Your Parlour Palm & Pot

Light & Location

Bamboo palms are perfect for a shadier spot in your home. You’ll want to avoid direct sunlight for this plant, you can even place it in a North facing window, which is pretty rare for most indoor plants.



Parlour palms love a good watering. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not water-logged. Your houseplants should never sit in water, so it’s better to underwater rather over to avoid root rot and ultimately the death of your plant.


As a tropical palm, Parlour palms love a warm, humid environment if possible. They should be fine in normal household temperatures, but keep them away form any cold drafts. You can introduce a humidifier or treat them to misting to increase the humidity for them. Use a water mister frequently to keep their leaves moist and in their best condition.

Next Day Delivery Available


30-50cm Parlour Palm

Nursery Pot Sizes


About Parlour Palm & Pot

At Oxy-Plants, we believe in giving YOU huge savings. Go on, grab yourself a Parlour Palm & Pot and save yourself your some money while stocks last!

Save 40% on a 30-50cm Parlour Palm & 12cm Curved Stone Pot in Black. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a rustic twist to your home decor!

This plant bundle is perfect as a gift for friends and family. Whether you’re getting the Parlour Palm & Pot as a wedding present, home warming gift, or just for yourself, it’ll look perfect in your home or workspace.

Parlour palms gained their popularity due to being such an easy-care plant requiring very little maintenance and being much more shade tolerant than other popular houseplants. Buy online and get delivered straight to your door.

In stock


Available on back-order


Available on back-order

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