How To Propagate Indoor Plants?

It’s no hidden secret that plants need sunlight to survive, but some like more than others and some like very little at all so how do you know what’s right for you?

What is Plant Propagation?

Plant propagation is the process by which new plants grow from a variety of sources – seeds, cuttings and other plant parts and differs with each plant. This means you may be able to divide your plant or take a cutting from one of your favourite house plants and share the love with friends and family. It’s a really cheap and effective way to grow your own plant collection or make beautiful gifts for birthdays & Christmas. Propagation is the gift that keeps on giving.


The most common types are stem, tip and leaf.


Stem – For plants with woody or semi woody stems a length of is cut off and placed in rooting medium until new shoots have formed, then placed in a pot to continue growth.


Tip – Most commonly used for multi-stemmed plants. A 10-15cm tip is cut from the main plant below the node, lower leaves and  flowers removed. The cut end is dipped in rooting hormone powder and planted in rooting medium. Once potted the base should be kept warm with plenty of sunshine.


Leaf – Similar to stem but leaf stack is used. Different methods for different kinds of plants.

How to Practice Crown Division

Division is done when plants are overgrown and you want to produce more plants, or the plants need to be rejuvenated. Timing is needed. Spring division will be established before winter etc. For healthy root system divide spring blooming perennials after flowering. Dig out the root ball, spray clean and either pull carefully apart with hands or use a very sharp knife. Discard any dead material. Plant, water and keep moist until established.

crown division plants

How to Take Stem Cuttings from House Plants

Make sure the mother plant is healthy enough to have foliage removed. Check for disease etc. Locate a few healthy stem tips and snip just below the leaf node (on the stem where the leaf emerges). Each cutting should be 3-5″ long and contain at least one leaf. Insert the bottom inch into hormone powder. Put into smart pot with potting mix. Leave 2″ above soil. Water well, don’t touch. Place in secure plastic bag on a bright windowsill, not direct sunlight. Water, cover and wait. Check every few days and water if necessary. In 4-6 weeks remove the bag and continue to water. Separate after a few weeks and pot individually.

how to take stem cuttings from houseplants
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