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Rent Wedding Plants: Why You Should Rent Plants Instead of Flowers for Your Special Day

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Are you interested in elegant alternatives and interesting twists in your wedding plans? If so, Oxy-Plants may have an interesting proposition for the hopeful and betrothed. Using indoor plants instead of typical flowers can help you plan and execute a wedding that others, as well as you, will remember for decades!

There are a number of explanations as to why you may be inclined to choose plants over flowers. Whether it be an aesthetic choice or simply an attempt to save costs, we’ve devised this exhaustive list to help you make the right decision for your special day… 

Equally, if you are certain you need flowers at your wedding, maybe through the likes of a bridal bouquet, indoor plants can still be an stylish way of decorating your wedding venue.  

Why do people choose flowers for their wedding?:

Primarily, flowers still persist in wedding ceremonies (through bridal bouquets and decorative backdrops) as a result of historical norms and traditions. During the medieval period, when citizens used to take yearly baths (in Spring), flowers were a fantastic way of hiding the bride’s body odours in order to not scare off their husbands during the summer ceremony! 

Whilst pungent body odours may (thankfully) be a symptom of the past, ceremonial bouquets are still around today! Prospective partners are prepared to pay exorbitant fees for such long-standing social norms. Flowers have also performed a symbolic role, enabling the bride to express her feelings towards her husband. 

In today’s society, however, bouquets and flowers are used for aesthetic purposes, typically matching the minimalist, traditional, or organic design brief of their wedding. This poses a rather pertinent question: if flowers are used to match the groom’s tie and bridesmaid’s dresses,could you use anything else instead?

Indoor plants are certainly cheaper than wedding flowers:

As you’ll already know by now, planning and costing your wedding can be expensive and sometimes argumentative. If you’re torn between your wife wanting the Aston Martin arrival, or the best man going ahead with the stag do abroad, then indoor plants can certainly help free up vital space in your wedding budget. 

There are a number of explanations as to why flowers are so pricey. Firstly, you’re not just paying for the flowers themselves, but the time and labour of your florist who has to cobble together bouquet after bouquet. Similarly, in order to ensure your flowers are still alive on the special day, extra accessories may be needed such as twine, plant food, and oasis. All of these factors can build up and cause that almighty gasp when your husband opens that invoice!

Choosing to rent indoor plants can be an ingenious way of keeping your costs down whilst, at the same time, keeping the decor natural for the marriage of true minds. A touch of deep green goes a long way in symbolising the meaning of marriage: new beginnings, new life, and young love.

For low-cost, flexible arrangements, make an enquiry at: hello@oxy-plants.com. .

Indoor Plants, Like Flowers, Have Symbolic

During the Victorian period, when outlandish emotions such as love were seldom expressed, brides were forced to express their feelings for their grooms using flowers. 

One of the main reasons why couples decide against using indoor plants on their wedding day is due to there being a perceived loss of symbolic meaning in their weddings. If you’re certain you want to keep your wedding bouquet, at least consider using indoor plants in your celebrations:  

  • Good health – Over the course of history, Snake Plants have been synonymous with good luck. Similarly, with little need to care for them, the Sansevieria may be a statement to others about the strong and stable nature of your relationship with your partner! 
  • Good Luck and Prosperity – In China, plants are often used as gifts symbolising a wish for good luck, or prosperity. Whether it’s a money plant, money tree, or lucky bamboo, why not add some of these plants to your venue and reap the potential rewards?
  • Remembrance and Sympathy – If you’re without a family member or loved one, plants can be a touching way of remembering those not with us. Peace Lilies, or even Rosemary, have been used to symbolise your thoughts for others.     

Indoor plants can easily suit the design brief of your wedding!

For many people, flowers can often be a little too much! If you’re aiming for an understated and elegant aesthetic for your wedding, then indoor plants may be the answer. 

  • Originating in the Victorian period, palms such as the Parlour and Kentia may offer some much needed sophistication into your wedding design plans. Moreover, larger palms are a fantastic option if you are in need of geometrical symmetry. Palms are fantastic either side of a doorway, or even as part of the decor in the venue itself!
  • Smaller indoor plants are also a fantastic option for the dinner table! Often, floral decor on the tables can be a little too much for people! If you want to be able to see as well has hear the member of your table, then sleeker plants such as the cast iron, or aloe vera may be a fantastic alternative. 
  • Indoor plants are also adaptive to any environment you require. Perhaps, you like the idea of plants trailing from a veranda. Well, why not rent one of our hanging plants like the devil’s ivy or the marble queen? Similarly, if you need to remove the hard corners of a particularly square room, then the bold, bushy foliage of the areca palm may be what is needed!
  • Living Wall Room Dividers are fantastic for those who place a heavy emphasis on great photos at a wedding. At Oxy-Plants, we can offer personalised living walls that are great for photo opportunities as you’re partying into the night!

Indoor plants are an environmentally friendly alternative to flowers

There’s a great number of ways in which the use of indoor plants in weddings can be an eco-friendly alternative to flowers. Firstly, flowers have an incredibly short lifespan when compared to indoor plants and can only be used once. As such, everytime a prospective couple wants flowers at their wedding, they’ll have to be delivered from abroad. How many carbon emissions does that begin to rack up? 

However, if you choose plants over flowers, the plants can be reused over and over again. This means plants will use considerably fewer emissions than their floral counterparts!

Similarly, plants are also fantastic at regulating the atmosphere and humidity whilst also helping to reduce carbon emissions through photosynthesis. This means that the plants you use will naturally sup up the carbon expended in delivering the plants to your venue!

Get in touch with us

If you’d like to discuss indoor plants as an option for your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: hello@oxy-plants.com. Equally, if you prefer talking in person, our telephone number is: 01204845451.  

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