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Looking for some items to make a big day special? Well, we’re also a plant rental business! Rent indoor plants for your wedding, corporate event, or party and make your big day a day to remember. Our plant rental service is available in Manchester, Liverpool, and other areas across North West England.

Event Plant Rental Service

Renting indoor plants for your event is a fantastic way to make a special day something to remember! We offer a range of different plant varieties, sizes, and colours, as well as numerous plant pot designs. Almost anything you see on our website is able to be used at your event. We certainly have something to fit any room, warehouse, or outdoor occasion!


Whether you’re needing show-stopping Bird of Paradises for your Great Gatsby themed party night, small decorative plants for tables at your wedding meal, or bushy palms for a backdrop on a main stage, we’ve certainly got something suitable for you. We offer a vast array of plants in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to rent indoor plants, then we have certainly got something in for you. 

We Consult

We help you choose the right plants for your event with unique options to make your day one to remember.

We Install

We’ll install the plants prior to your big day so you can get on with all the other bits you need to focus on.

We Care

We care that the plants you have for your event are the best and look bountiful or we replace them.

We Remove

After your event, we’ll come and take your plants away so you don’t have to worry about the aftermath.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever heard of the saying “dress to impress”? Hiring indoor houseplants to your special event channels the same energy as this well-known phrase. For any special event, indoor plants demonstrate to people that you (or your business) is elegant, refined, and stylish.

Whether you’re wanting to make a great first impression, or have some showstopping houseplants for some picture opportunities, renting indoor plants for your event can really create a night to remember. Showing your guests, or potential customers, that you have gone the extra mile on the design front can really make a wedding day more special, or a trade fair, more impressive!

We offer plant hire services to all the major towns and cities in the Northwest of England. If you’re in Manchester and looking to hire indoor houseplants for your event, then we can deliver, set up, and arrange your houseplants for you. This means there’s one less thing for you to worry about, enabling you to get on with the important stuff!

From craft fairs to fashion weekends, Manchester is currently home to some of the world’s largest congregations of potential customers and business partners. Having a sleek backdrop with some indoor plants can seriously help you to achieve your ends!

If you’re looking to hire indoor plants for your event, then have a look at the products on our website. Anything listed as “in stock” is able to be rented out.

Head over to our indoor plants page to browse what we have on offer. 

Almost all of our plant pots are eligible to be be used for our hiring service. We stock a vast array of plant pots for you to use. Whether you want them glossy or matte, sleek or rustic, we have a material and finish to suit your needs.

Head over to our plant pots page and take a look at what we have to offer. Then you can hire indoor plants and we’ll do all the hard work!

Yes! Many people looking to rent plants come to us before they choose what to hire. Being able to see our houseplants in person gives you a perfect idea of size and colour. 

Arranging a consultation with us before you hire plants for your event is a great way to take the surprise out of things. You certainly won’t be kept up at night worrying about the plants we offer!

We get it, you want plants that are going to fit in with the theme of your wedding venue, or trade stall. Before you hire plants for your event, you should head over to our Pinterest page to see how plants can fit seamlessly into a range of different design styles.

Equally, if you’re yet to be inspired, there are some other great resources you can use.  We found this article by House and Garden to be extremely useful!

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