Pyramid Bay Tree

Laurus Nobilis

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The Pyramid Bay Tree has been grown and loved for centuries. Add a touch of Mediterranean opulence to your outdoor space with this charming laurel.


How To Care For Pyramid Bay Tree

The Bay Laurel enjoys gentle watering. Don’t go overboard with your hosepipe or watering can, particularly in winter when it will be using much less. However, also make sure the soil doesn’t dry out completely.

Laurus Nobilis like to be kept in a warm sunny spot, much like the conditions they’re used to back home in Italy and Greece. They can survive well in partial shade, but aren’t a great fan of cold, dry winds.

Sweet Bay Laurel isn’t too fussy about humidity as they are used to fairly dry environments.

Suitable for normal, chalk and clay soils.

Fertilise every 2 weeks during spring and summer for optimum growth and plant health.

About Pyramid Bay Tree

Botanical Name
Laurus Nobilis
Bay Laurel Tree
Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?
No. Mildly toxic to cats and dogs.

The Pyramid Bay Tree has been grown, nurtured and loved for centuries; for both ornamental and cooking purposes. Heralded as a status symbol by the ancient Greeks and Romans, often used as crowns when made into wreaths. So, why not add a touch of Mediterranean opulence to your outdoor space with this charming outdoor tree.

The Bay Laurel Tree is commonly used as a pair at the doorstep of people’s homes, to create a welcoming entrance and it also works just as well on a balcony, patio or decking space. The Bay Tree has fragrant leaves which can welcome guests to your home with a wonderful smell.

On the whole, the Bay Laurel is a really easy-care outdoor tree, which can be kept either in a decorative pot or planted into the ground. It prefers a bright outdoor sunny space but can cope with partial shade. Ideally, keep sheltered from cold, harsh winds which dry the foliage. It enjoys gentle watering, so don’t go overboard with the watering can but also don’t let it dry out completely.

Able to cope with temperatures down to -5°C, the Bay Laurel should be happy in your UK garden year-round.

Fun Fact:

Bay leaves and berries can both be used in the kitchen. Pick fresh bay leaves from your garden to add fragrant aromatic flavours to your cooking which will be far better than any store-bought Bay Leaves.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

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