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Maidenhair Fern

Adiantum hispidulum


Maidenhair Fern is a beautiful, bushy fern with delicate leaves set on long black stems. The bright green leaves of this fern are really eye-catching.

Plant Height: 30cm Pot Size: 12cm

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How To Care For Maidenhair Fern

Keep the Maidenhair Fern’s soil moist but not wet to the point it is sat in water. Do not let the soil dry out completely.

Keep Adiantum in a brightly lit spot away from full sunlight. This plant can survive in more shaded areas.

It is imperative you keep your Maidenhair Fern in a humid environment to mimic their natural environment, which is usually below the woodland canopy close to rivers in a low-light, high humidity environment. Ensure you mist your fern with a water mister every other day.

This fern likes moist, but free-draining soil. Avoid a clay-like potting medium. Miracle-gro’s peat-free houseplant potting mix should be fine for this plant, which you can find here.

You can feed your fern once per month with a diluted houseplant fertiliser.

Brown spots on the leaves could be a sign of scale insects. Keep your eyes peeled for any creepy crawlies on the underside of your plant’s leaves too. Spray with an organic insecticide like neem oil to keep any pests at bay.

Repot Adiantum every year or two – keep your eyes peeled for whether the roots are poking out the bottom of the pot. The best time to repot is in spring. Always pot on into a pot which is slightly larger than the rootball to allow for more growth.

About Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern is a bushy fern with delicate leaves set on long black stems. The bright green leaves of this plant really are eye-catching. The maidenhair fern does need a little more attention than other indoor plants, but if you’re up to the challenge it can definitely be worth the reward.

Top Care Tips for Maidenhair Fern

  • To avoid the fern’s fronds turning brown, ensure you mist the leaves every couple of days
  • Keep this fern in bright, indirect light away from the full sun
  • We recommend keeping this plant in the bathroom for its high humidity
  • Keep away from draughts and radiators

Read our full care guide below, or check out the RHS guide here.

The Maidenhair Fern can grow to heights of 50cm and should be repotted every year of 2 to help it achieve this.

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. Browse our entire range of plant pots to add that extra charm and character to your home.

Botanical Name
Adiantum hispidulum
Roseate Maidenhair Fern
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