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The Exotic Plant Range

From £70.00

Turn your humble abode into an exotic paradise, at the click of a button, with this beautiful exotic plant range.

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dragon tree plant dracaena marginata
How To Care For Your The Exotic Plant Range

Light & Location

Keep in a brightly lit area to promote healthy new growth. The chinese evergreen can withstand a little more shade, whilst the Umbrella Plant is much more demanding of light.



This exotic plant range don’t want to be over-watered. Allow the top couple of inches to dry between watering.


Treat to a mist if kept in a dry, heated room, but shouldnt be too much of a problem here.


Dragon Tree

Chinese Evergreen

Umbrella Plant

Nursery Pot Sizes

Dragon Tree – 17cm

Chinese Evergreen – 17cm

Umbrella Plant – 21cm

Bundle Pots

Classic Ceramic Plant Pot (21cm) – Black

About The Exotic Plant Range

Exotic Plant Range:

Bring a touch the unknown into your humble abode with this unusual, yet elegant plant bundle. Included in this bundle are: the dragon tree, Chinese evergreen, and umbrella plant. This is the perfect gift for someone else, or a fantastic treat to yourself!

The exotic plant range without pots includes:

Dragon Tree – Bring memories of sand dunes and the essense of a tropical oasis straight into your living room with a Dragon tree. The fresh green leaves of this plant give it a vibrant pop of colour and the strong stem looks like those of the palm trees you would find lining a sandy beach.

Chinese Evergreen – The luscious green leaves of the Chinese Evergreen mean your home will stay fresh and exciting all year round. The foliage is embezzled with eye-catching variegation of silver tones.

Umbrella Plant – easily recognizable because of their distinctive oval leaves. Schefflera are popular for their compact nature and ease of care.

The exotic plant range with pots includes 3 x Classic 21cm Pots

black ceramic plant pot

Delivery & Returns

Buy your plants online and get hassle-free delivery direct to your door.

Prices are calculated whilst you are in your basket, or during checkout. The calculation is based on the size and weight of the items which are being shipped. Any items which are classed as XL can only be shipped on a standard service unfortunately.

Or, if you live locally and would prefer to avoid paying the delivery fee, you are welcome to come pick up your parcel from us in Bolton.

We ensure you’re always happy with your purchase, so if you’re plant or pot is damaged or not quite up to scratch upon arrival, simply email and we’ll process your complaint accordingly and offer a free replacement or return in most cases.

exotic plant bundle
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