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Coconut Palm

Cocus Nucifera


Bring the holidays home with this tropical palm. Take your mind to white sand beaches and crystal blue seas with a stunning coconut palm.

Plant Height: 140cm Pot Size: 19cm

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How To Care For Coconut Palm

Water when the top half of the soil has dried out and let it dry out even more during autumn and winter.

Coconut palms will thrive in the brightest spot in your house. Don’t ever put this plant in a shady spot as she won’t like it one bit.

Coconut Palms love humidity. Add a pebble tray to sustain good levels of humidity and mist both sides of leaves frequently to combat dry air, which would cause the browning of leaf-edges and new growth.

Choose sandy, well-drained soil for the coconut palm – it’ll definitely thankyou for it.

You can use houseplant feed fortnightly in spring and summer and once a month during autumn and winter.

Not common to get pests but watch out for spider mites and mealybugs. It can sometimes get “lethal yellow” identified by yellowing of the leaves which will eventually fall away.

About Coconut Palm

One of the most recognisable palms, the coconut palm can grow to a grand old height of 30m (100ft) tall! It thrives in sandy soil and can tolerate large amounts of salt water, hence its common appearance at the edge of tropical sandy beaches.

Its huge green leaves are used for making everything from roof thatching to sun hats, and its round, hairy fruits (coconuts) are a familiar sight in grocer’s shops around the world.

Given its preference for tropical or subtropical climates, it’s only really suitable as an indoor plant in the UK.

Our coconut palms still have the distinctive fruit at the base of the plant, but these palms are difficult houseplants to keep as they require constant high humidity and temperatures. In such conditions, they should be grown on a well-drained sandy soil rich in lime and potash.

Extra tips

If your coconut palm is starting to get yellow or pale fronds, little to no growth, brown crispy new growth and gradual decline.a rotting stem, little to no growth and yellowing leaves. Than the plant is under-watered, is in a too bright/hot spot or is potbound.

If the plant starts getting a rotting stem, little to no growth and yellowing leaves. Than the plant is or over-watered, gets too little light, has lack of drainage or incorrect soil and possibly got root rot.

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Botanical Name
Cocus Nucifera
Air Purification Qualities
Child & Pet Safe?
Not known to be poisonous to humans and pets.
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coconut palm
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