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The cast iron plant is a worry-free choice for any indoor plant gardener. They are bold, architecturally strong plants, with vertical lines running through their leaves giving them a distinctive style. Aspidistras are a popular gift for men due to its broad leaves and easy-care nature. It is much more shade tolerant than many other plants and very low maintenance!

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cast iron aspidistra
How To Care For Your Aspidistra & Pot

Light & Location

The ideal place to locate this easy-care plant is in indirect sunlight, but it will be fine in full shade as well. In the autumn and winter, it will love a spot where it can catch morning or evening light. Never let it stand in strong sunlight for longer than an hour. This will result in a pale, washed-out plant.



You really don’t need to go overboard on the watering with the cast iron plant. Once per month should be fine. As with most plants, if in a brightly lit spot apply a little more water than usual and less in a shadier spot. If you have nothing to water with, why not try one of our watering cans?


Aspidistras aren’t fussy, they should be fine in normal room humidity but you can treat them to a mist with a water mister every now and again.

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Cast Iron Plant (50-70cm)

Nursery Pot Sizes


About Aspidistra & Pot

Aspidistra, Cast Iron Plant, is hardy by name and hardy by nature. Native to Japan and Taiwan, it is also commonly known as Aspidistra. Forming the bread and butter of our easy care plant set, this unkillable plant is ideal for any indoor plant gardener! Simply match the aspidistra with your favourite plant pots in our collection and you’re good to go!

Caring for an aspidistra is super-easy! You could leave this house plant for over a month without water and it’ll still stand as strong and beautiful as the last – keeping guests and friends in awe of your houseplant-keeping skills! You can mix and match this plant with some of our other easy-care houseplants to start building your new indoor plant garden or expanding your current collection.

Not only this, but it is child & pet friendly as it is not considered toxic. This means the aspidistra is safe for both cats and dogs.

How to Easily Decorate with Your Aspidistra

The 90-110cm aspidistra would look perfect in the corner of your room, at the bottom of the stairs or even in a large bathroom! Due to it’s tall & slender nature it can slink into a space that other houseplants might not be able to, like the Areca Palm.

The 50-70cm cast iron plant is even more versatile, as the small pot can be placed on a window sill, on your desk, or anywhere you’re creative enough to find for it. We’re sure you’ll find it easy enough to decorate with either of the cast-iron plants.

Best care tips for your Cast Iron Plant:

  • Be sure to mist your plant’s leaves to keep them looking brand new and wipe away any dust.
  • If your plant is suffering from some pests, be sure to invest in some of our neem oil.
  • Check out our detailed care guide below on how to care for your aspidistra or check out the RHS’s guide here.

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Only 4 left in stock

aspidistra and pot
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