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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

What to Buy Dad for Father’s Day this year

We know Dad’s can be really hard to buy gifts for, particularly Father’s Day. So we’ve spent some time to pull together our top 10 Father’s Day gift Ideas you can get for Dad this year, in 2021.

(Almost) Unkillable Plant Bundle

the perfect package

Our (almost) unkillable plant bundle is comprised of 3 beautiful plants which range in foliage, style and beauty. Treat your Dad to a bundle to breathe life into his home with a package that even he will struggle to kill.

The Cast Iron Plant has architecuturally proud leaves and requires zero fuss. The ZZ Plant has beautiful oval leaves extending from it’s long tender stems. And, last but not least, the Devil’s Ivy – which can grow at a ferocious rate to cascade off a shelf or

Corn Plant

dracaena fragrans

The corn plant has tall, solid stems which stand proud. Their slim nature means they can easily fit into any any corner of the home bringing a touch of nature to Dad’s indoor life. They require very little water and are definitely one of our easy care plants.

Kentia Palm

Howea Forsteriana

A truly stunning palm and it’s easy to see why it’s also one of the most popular houseplants. The Kentia Palm is bold and decadent and makes a fantastic easy care present for Dad this year.

Bonsai Tree

the perfect gift

Bonsai Trees make a wonderful father’s day gift idea. Almost all our Bonsai Trees come complete with their own glazed ceramic pot and matching drip tray. If you can imagine your Dad with his own Bonsai Tree he can care for go see our range!

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Found in our (almost) unkillable plant bundle, the ZZ plant can make a wonderful gift for your Dad this Father’s Day on it’s own. Available for a very reasonable price and can grow at a rate of knots, if placed in the right environment.

Hanging Plant Set


If you’re looking for some a little more original, you could grab your Dad a hanging plant set this year so he can create an indoor jungle of cascading plants – complete with their own pots and macrame hangers (available with our without pots and hangers).

Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata

The dragon tree is definitely one of the best house plants you can buy your Dad. It can survive in a shady or bright spot and makes a wonderful exotic addition to any home. Tell him not to go too heavy on the watering if you do decide on a Dragon Tree.

Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra Elatior

Definitely one of our favourites, the cast iron plant has to be included in our list of top gifts for Father’s Day 2021.

Wooden Plant Pot Stand

for an extra touch of charm

If you’re looking for a father’s day gift that’s going to add that extra bit of charm to his home the wooden plant pot helps to do just this. Raising your plant up off the ground and making an added feature for Dad. Available in light or dark natural wood.

Soil & Light Tester

Give dad a helping hand

You’ve got Dad his plant, which he’s made up with buy he doesn’t know when to water it. Well a soil & light combitester will help let him know how moist the soil is, how much light his plant is getting – helping to keep your gift alive for years to come.

Plant Care

For tips and advice on the best way to care for your plants head over to our plant care page; where we discuss everything from watering your plants, to potting your plants, to getting rid of pests and bugs.

Plant Benefits

To find our more about how plants can benefit our physical and psychological health go check out our plant benefits section. Here you can find out how plants reduce stress, boost productivity and even help sickness recovery time.

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